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SapphosRock Thu 22-Apr-21 11:51:00

Received this email today from Sex Matters. Powerful words.

I urge people who haven't heard of them to sign up.

I'm about to post the following on my Facebook page. Wish me luck.

Sex Matters 
Sex matters to everyone. Girls and women need privacy from boys and men - in school and public toilets; in changing rooms at swimming pools, gyms and clothes shops. Girls and women need to be able to ask for intimate healthcare procedures to be carried out by female doctors and nurses. Women in prison or under arrest need to be sure that if they are subjected to an intimate search, it will be carried out by a woman. Women fleeing male violence need women-only spaces to feel safe. It’s neither safe nor fair to expect women to play sports against people with larger, stronger, faster male bodies. It’s neither safe nor fair to imprison vulnerable women with male-bodied criminals. And even though female people pose little threat to men and boys, male people also deserve privacy and dignity when they are undressing and washing: single-sex spaces matter to everyone. 
Male bodies are different from female bodies. So sex matters in medicine. Drugs work differently in men and women. Diseases occur at different rates and have different symptoms for men and women. Women need to be screened for cervical cancer; men for prostate cancer. Inviting “people with a cervix” or “people with a prostate” for screening may cause men and women who have learning disabilities or who don't have English as their first language to miss out on crucial healthcare. 
This should all be obvious. But some campaigners for trans rights want male-bodied people who identify as women to be treated as women in every single respect, even when that undermines the safety, privacy and dignity of women and girls.  
These campaigners have been astonishingly successful. Rapists are being held in women’s prisons. Police forces are saying that any male police officer who identifies as a woman is entitled to carry out intimate searches of female suspects. Hospitals are refusing to guarantee same-sex care on request, even for intimate procedures. Schools and workplaces are making their toilets unisex in breach of legal requirements. 
People who argue against all this are being slurred as bigots, bullied on social media, doxxed, hounded out of their jobs and even physically assaulted. 
*Sex Matters* is a new organisation that is fighting back on behalf of everyone. It is not affiliated with any political party or position. It’s neither left nor right, neither socialist nor conservative. It’s for people of both sexes, all ages, and all religions or none. It simply seeks to establish that sex matters in rules, laws, policies, language and culture, and to make it possible for people to say so without risk to their jobs and livelihoods. 
There’s a lot of work to be done. We need to lobby for clarity on sex in law and institutions. We need to talk to MPs and peers, regulators, civil servants, public bodies, charities, employers, schools and universities. 
We need to produce research, guidance and analysis to counter the flood of misinformation from trans activist organisations. 
We need to support and mobilise ordinary people to speak up.
We need to hold organisations accountable: we need to write letters, make freedom of information requests, bring or support legal challenges. 

Will you join us? Please go tosex-matters.orgg_ and sign up. 

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Helleofabore Thu 22-Apr-21 11:58:01

Some incredible women behind Sex Matters.

Thanks Sapphos.

StillFemale Thu 22-Apr-21 21:55:58

Thanks SapphosRocks just signed up

ChristinaXYZ Fri 23-Apr-21 11:54:31

Thanks OP for sharing and I hope your Facebook share goes ok!

MonkeyNotOrgangrinder Fri 23-Apr-21 12:01:20

Good luck op flowers

ChristinaXYZ Mon 26-Apr-21 18:39:53

Just giving this a bump and to add that Maya Forstater one of the founders of Sex Matters has posted about this about her up-coming court case this week:

Leafstamp Mon 26-Apr-21 19:57:10

Very worthy bump Christina. Can I add for anyone not already aware that Maya’s case is not just this week - it’s tomorrow at 10.30!


MonkeyNotOrgangrinder Mon 26-Apr-21 20:47:12

How did it go @SapphosRock?

Helleofabore Tue 27-Apr-21 12:33:42

Giving this a bump for Maya

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