GC people, dogs, coincidence???

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AMCoffeePMWine Wed 21-Apr-21 05:26:09

JK Rowling, James Dreyfus, AMCoffee & her daughter, all love dogs, especially Westies. Coincidence? I think not!

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AMCoffeePMWine Wed 21-Apr-21 05:27:47

Westies R Us.

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AMCoffeePMWine Wed 21-Apr-21 05:29:32


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AMCoffeePMWine Wed 21-Apr-21 05:42:23

Our beloved 4 legged friend.

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AnyOldPrion Wed 21-Apr-21 06:22:14

I think James Dreyfus’s dog Hobbes is a Parson’s terrier. Hope that doesn’t put a dampener on a lovely thread. I love dogs myself and yours looks lovely AMCoffee.

Saucery Wed 21-Apr-21 06:24:58

You can’t really deny biology if you have a dog, can you. Can’t identify your bitch out of heat and walk her in the middle of a dog park, for instance! grin

SD1978 Wed 21-Apr-21 06:43:25



SD1978 Wed 21-Apr-21 06:46:51

Bugger wouldn't post. Westie here too.....🤣

HeeeeeyBogie Wed 21-Apr-21 06:52:03

My dog is GC. There was someone walking quickly behind us a few weeks ago and he didn't even react, the young woman who passed us had a shaved head and was dressed in baggy clothes, but he could tell it was a woman, somehow. Almost as if there is a difference between men and women!
If it had been a male he would have barked.

TheFleegleHasLanded Wed 21-Apr-21 07:39:27

I have two; does that make me GC royalty? grin

Babdoc Wed 21-Apr-21 08:52:59

Sorry to buck the trend but I’m a lifelong GC cat servant! And I’m still laughing at the Twitter video of a cat cuffing her owner in the face after she announced her pronouns...

Soubriquet Wed 21-Apr-21 08:56:41

Ooo I need to see the cat video. Sounds funny

I have chihuahuas...and a cat

EyesOpening Wed 21-Apr-21 08:56:52

I have two dogs, they’re not Westies though. I also love cats and I hate the dog/cat question!

Definitelyrandom Wed 21-Apr-21 08:59:51

JKR used to have a greyhound- my money’s on GC and greyhounds.....

Trappedonanisland Wed 21-Apr-21 09:06:15

Yep my dogs (2 female rescues) are definitely gender critical. One is fearful of baldy,stocky men . Both listened in to the WPUK event with me the other evening and wagged their tails approvingly . They are family.

Wrongsideofhistorymyarse Wed 21-Apr-21 09:20:20

I have a gender critical cat who's wary of men.

ArabellaScott Wed 21-Apr-21 09:51:38

I have a cat and a dog. The dog prefers XY chromosomed people, the ungrateful bitch.

OwBist Wed 21-Apr-21 10:04:23

My cat doesn't like anything except Dreamies. Maybe she's broken.....

BodyMovin Wed 21-Apr-21 10:07:51

I have a sexist lurcher! He's the first dog I've owned that wasn't a) female and b) a shortarse.

He only smells women's bums and he's just the right height to really dig his nose in.

Soubriquet Wed 21-Apr-21 10:17:26

My aunt had a racist and sexist dog.

He hated Pakistani men. But he had been abused from them so it was understandable

Problem was, she lived in an area where there were a lot of Pakistani’s.

She would be walking the dog and the dog would randomly launch itself at these men as she walked by

NonnyMouse1337 Wed 21-Apr-21 12:56:13

Lifelong cat servant here. 😎

RoyalCorgi Wed 21-Apr-21 13:00:58

Westies are the besties!

AMCoffeePMWine Wed 21-Apr-21 16:17:31

I think it’s fair to say that being an animal lover and also being GC is a match made in heaven. My westie usually barks like mad at the Telly, but is transfixed by any Harry Potter film.

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HazeyJaneII Wed 21-Apr-21 16:23:30

Very much in the cat camp here, but one of my cats is obviously confusing as when he was a kitten the vet tried to spay him rather than castrate (not helped by having a pretty flower name)....extra points for them both having Harry Potter names.

AbsintheFriends Wed 21-Apr-21 16:25:27

Here is the cat video Babdoc mentioned grin


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