Woman with crippling endometriosis denied hysterectomy

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Pepsipepsi Wed 14-Apr-21 23:16:32

Believes the request had been denied due to her age, 23 and childless status.
She's in so much pain she is in a wheelchair and cannot use the toilet.


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SatsumasOrClementines Wed 14-Apr-21 23:24:51

One fact to consider is that a hysterectomy may not greatly improve her condition. (It isn’t the final solution that many endo sufferers believe it to be.)

But the when you’re in pain every day of your life even a bit of improvement, or even the chance/hope for improvement, would probably be enough. I really feel for her.

I wonder what would happened if it was a childless man in a similar position.

RabbitOfCaerbannog Wed 14-Apr-21 23:27:24

Hey OP, there's also this thread discussing the story:

Woman refused hysterectomy because of age and because she doesn’t have kids http://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/womens_rights/4219377-Woman-refused-hysterectomy-because-of-age-and-because-she-doesn-t-have-kids

WipeYourFeet Thu 15-Apr-21 00:10:36

Maybe she should say she wants to be a transman ....

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