Ask the candidates: Creating a gender equal Wales - Online 21 April 2021

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stumbledin Sun 11-Apr-21 23:51:12

Ahead of the Senedd elections on 6th May 2021, Chwarae Teg invite you to their ‘ask the candidates’ event. This will be your chance to ask candidates from the main political parties, how they will establish a gender equal Wales if elected. There will be representatives from Welsh Labour, Welsh Conservatives, Plaid Cymru and The Welsh Liberal Democrats.

Not sure why this came up on my fb feed as I am not in Wales, but in case anyone in Wales is interested and hasn't seen this.

Just a general comment but not that many years ago this would have been title something along the lines of "Creating a Wales with sex equality". But now so many have been slowly brainwashed into misusing the word gender. No wonder some young people are confused. They have never lived in a time when anybody talked about sex equality (even though we have a Sex Discrimination Act)

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