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302stacey Fri 09-Apr-21 17:10:41

I'm the mother of a three year old and a seven week old. I have received a jury summons for Winchester court in may 2021 and I asked to be excused.
We relocated to Hampshire for my husbands new job which gave us financial freedom for me to be a stay at home mum. We don't have family here and made very few friends due to lockdown this past year.
It's hard being a new parent in a pandemic, newborns don't sleep well so I'm tired like all new parents, I am also exclusively breastfeeding. Lastnight I found out they rejected my request to be excused.

A friend of ours who is a law professor has shared my story on Twitter
If you could please follow and retweet?

In Scotland new mums are automatically excused. La leche league say that breastfeeding mothers often have difficulty getting deferrals or excusals. I don't even think it's just a breastfeeding issue; I don't think a sleep deprived new mother can be expected to sit on a jury for ten days potentially. It's not fair to those on trial either. Would really appreciate any support on Twitter even just retweeting the original story please.

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