Are there any none-gender critical people on this board?

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Skyliner001 Sun 28-Mar-21 13:06:30

Inspired by the appearance of a couple of none GC people in other threads I wondered how many are out there on this board?


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BlackForestCake Sun 28-Mar-21 13:09:11

You're in favour of sex stereotypes? Because that's what not being "GC" is.

WendyTestaburger Sun 28-Mar-21 13:18:03

Apologies for the slight derail but can I just lol at a thread on the feminist board essentially asking if there's anyone who isn't a feminist out there!

Um yeah. We have constant monitors and scolds and chaperones. It will be interesting to see if they all enjoy chatting to each other or whether that somewhat defeats the point.

Thelnebriati Sun 28-Mar-21 13:22:41

This is the Feminist chat board, and gender is used to oppress women.

Sex is the why, gender is the how.

CuriousaboutSamphire Sun 28-Mar-21 13:23:32

What would a non gender critical person be?

Someone into all the sex stereotypes: manly men, girly girls? Working man and his little woman? Breadwinner and housewife, mother? Deserving of being heard and preferably agreeing with her man?


SavingsQuestions Sun 28-Mar-21 13:24:55

Bemused by the idea of wanting to know others that are keen on the idea of gender roles. V religious types perhaps?

YetAnotherSpartacus Sun 28-Mar-21 13:25:06

I'm 'gender critical' but this is only a term I have used in the past year or two. It does not really define my feminism and I feel forced into it. In the past, in the 70s, 80s and for most of the 90s all feminism was gender-critical by default. No need to mention it.


lucylucky1977 Sun 28-Mar-21 13:26:17

Do you not think that sex matters @Skyliner001 ?
What about sex based inequality:
Aborting of girls in India?
Arranged marriage?
The vast amount of FEMALES being murdered yearly in the UK in sex related crimes?
The way women are treated in porn?
The way women are harassed?
The rape of women as a weapon of war?
Women and girls forced into prostitution?
The oppression of women in certain cultures and religions?

It’s so nice to have the luxury of thinking sex doesn’t matter.
Are you a man?

WarriorN Sun 28-Mar-21 13:26:34

What she said.

Feminism is critical of gender stereotypes by default.

riotlady Sun 28-Mar-21 13:26:57

Not really, it’s not worth it

Jillly Sun 28-Mar-21 13:29:41

What does non gender critical mean?
It helps if you define things by what they are rather than by what they're not, which seems like a strange way of trying to communicate.

lucylucky1977 Sun 28-Mar-21 13:33:40

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

EdgeOfACoin Sun 28-Mar-21 13:37:28

How are you defining 'none gender critical'?

TwoBreakingIntoOne Sun 28-Mar-21 13:41:57

Is none a different branch to non?
How about stop putting clapping hands after everything and start putting your argument forwards

Chersfrozenface Sun 28-Mar-21 13:42:18

I think someone thinks "gender critical" means "critical of the idea of fluid / multiple / changeable genders".

When in fact it means "critical of gender stereotypes".

SavingsQuestions Sun 28-Mar-21 13:42:44

Presumably the opposite of gender critical is believing in the importance of gender. A social construct over sex distinction?

Men doing "men things " and women being girly/feminine?

NellWilsonsWhiteHair Sun 28-Mar-21 13:42:56

Hm. I am gender critical, but I am sure I am also too trans-inclusive for half of MN to think I am worthy of the term.

At the min I feel like I am too GC for many of my friends and for my workplace, and too accepting of the lived reality of many trans people for a number of other friends.

I think the devil is in the detail and id like to see issues addressed on an individual basis rather than as picking sides. And I’d like people to be able to have conversations around it all, rather than losing jobs or being subject to death threats or mocked as handmaidens of the patriarchy. At the min I feel I am simultaneously too GC for my workplace and for many friends, and too trans inclusive for many others (and for MN).

Most of all, trans people just are not the central point of my feminism. Yes there are some very big challenges in this area but for me they are still worth proportionately less energy than eg VAW, FGM, domestic abuse, workplace discrimination. Obviously the fact that the trans question is full of hatred makes it even more tempting to sidestep this in discussion and in practice...

SavingsQuestions Sun 28-Mar-21 13:43:46

(I've seen none where I'd put non too. Is it valid alternative?)

HermioneWeasley Sun 28-Mar-21 13:43:57

Why wouldn’t anyone be critical of gender stereotypes?

NellWilsonsWhiteHair Sun 28-Mar-21 13:44:54

Oh whoops. The page reloaded and I dropped out some ideas I’d originally included and doubled up on others. 🙈

Biscuitsanddoombar Sun 28-Mar-21 13:45:55

Well if someone can tell me what’s so great about gender stereotypes I might be less gender critical

Thelnebriati Sun 28-Mar-21 13:48:17


Presumably the opposite of gender critical is believing in the importance of gender. A social construct over sex distinction?

Men doing "men things " and women being girly/feminine?

Which is why when men do femininity women are expected to clap.

AudTheDeepMinded Sun 28-Mar-21 13:49:02

Not at this particular keyboard, no, for all the reasons cited above.

Skyliner001 Sun 28-Mar-21 13:49:41

@NellWilsonsWhiteHair That happens to me sometimes with the board! Great points, can see the dilemma with not just picking a side. Like you I like to look at individual issues rather than pick a side.

This thread has been derailed as expected, so I'll head to other feminist boards 😊

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AudTheDeepMinded Sun 28-Mar-21 13:50:58

It's a bugger when you ask a question and don't like the answer isn't it? Did you really just desire a list of people simply stating 'yes'?

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