VictimFocus survey of women’s experiences of male violence

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Cwenthryth Mon 22-Mar-21 14:10:24

They are looking for more responses, nearly at 20,000 to make it one of the biggest samples ever collected of women’s experiences

I did find it a little difficult/upsetting to answer - I wouldn’t consider myself a “victim of MVAW” but actually have suffered multiple assaults, including one where the man was convicted of assault against me. But still my head just accepts it as “one of those things”. Kinda unbelievable.

Anyway if you have 15 mins and the strength to think about how this stuff please do fill it in. Couldn’t see another thread on this so apologies if duplicate.

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TheABC Mon 22-Mar-21 14:25:53

Done. Why the fuck do we accept so much abuse as normal?

BlackeyedSusan Mon 22-Mar-21 14:35:02


BlackeyedSusan Mon 22-Mar-21 14:35:48

beacuse when I gre up police dramas used to describe it as just a domestic.

3beesinmybonnet Mon 22-Mar-21 15:40:10

Thanks for posting this. Recent events in the news have led me to list all the times I can remember when I've suffered abuse violence harassment etc. Then I thought if only there was some way women could list all the things they've had to put up with over their lifetime, and people could see it, they might be forced to acknowledge the extent of the problem and do something proper about it. So your thread is very well timed for me and I shall definitely fill in the survey.

My abusive brother was a copper in the '70s and '80s and he moaned constantly about 'domestics' because he'd do all the paperwork only for the woman to drop the charges. He never expressed any sympathy for them or any appreciation that they were terrified or trapped or both. But then it's what you'd expect from someone who was sent to investigate a prowler at the house of a single mother with mental health issues and kept going back to have sex with her.

Wrongsideofhistorymyarse Mon 22-Mar-21 16:12:13

Completed, thank you for sharing.

Gingerkittykat Tue 23-Mar-21 02:34:08

Done, Jessica Taylor is doing some fantastic work for women and girls.


Motherrunner1 Tue 23-Mar-21 06:21:33

Done. Was hard to fill in. As a survivor or childhood sexual abuse and multiple assaults as a teenager and 1 rape it was hard to do

ShirleyPhallus Tue 23-Mar-21 06:23:18


Done, Jessica Taylor is doing some fantastic work for women and girls.

She’s absolutely brilliant. Her book is a must read

Motherrunner1 Tue 23-Mar-21 06:57:16

Just looking at Jessica Taylor’s Instagram. She’s fab

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