Where do you keep it all??

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InsideNumberNine Sat 20-Mar-21 11:24:58

This is a slight TAAT related to that Vausch video on Selina Soule. I want to save that somewhere so I can reference it as some of the hate and vitriol directed at women.

And when I see people argue their point so eloquently on here, I have to screen shot it to refer back to.

I just don't have enough space in my frazzled, peri menopausal head to store all the info needed to fight this fight - be it women's sport (testosterone levels baffle me) gendered brains (so many studies) the science of binary sex (surely any variation of xx / xy is a chromosomal abnormality?) crime figures, identity politics etc...

How do you guys do it??? Do you physically store it somewhere or does it all stay in your head? It's so overwhelming sometimes!

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LibertyMole Sat 20-Mar-21 11:30:49

Presumably different women have different areas of expertise? I don’t know a great deal about sport but I know stuff about violence against women and girls because it is my job.

Many women work, volunteer or campaign in women’s rights areas so they know stuff.

But nobody can be expected to know everything!

PurpleHoodie Sat 20-Mar-21 18:04:50

Pinterest for the screenshots?

You can create public and private folders.

ArabellaScott Sat 20-Mar-21 18:11:19

I have a folder with feminist related stuff. But I'm not someone who has any expert or special knowledge.

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