Caroline Kayll - murdered by husband

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whatnow41 Thu 18-Mar-21 18:52:21

Apologies if this is a duplicate, I couldn't see a thread anywhere.

Yet another woman murdered by her violent jealous partner. But the reporting of this one is really disturbing.

I've looked at a few different news outlets coverage of this and they are all using the same language - she was murdered after her estranged husband discovered she was having a 'sexual relationship' with a 15 yr old boy. It's consistently referred to as a relationship and he is also consistently referred to as a boy. In some reports they state her age as 47.

Why is this not called out for what it is? Child sexual abuse. It seems that when it's an adult female with a male child, we as a society turn a blind eye. I'm not trying to take anything away from the tragedy of yet another woman murdered by a violent man, I'm just really troubled by the lack of recognition that this child cannot consent to being in a relationship with a woman 32 yrs older than him. He is a victim of both her exploitation and his violence. Yet his trauma is being ignored.

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user1471429763 Thu 18-Mar-21 18:57:07

This reporting disturbed me a bit, calling a 15 year olds boy her ‘lover’, plus she met her ex who killed her whilst he was under her duty of care when she was working as a prison guard. I feel she needed some sort of intervention and management of her boundaries and understanding of relationships

ChickenonaMug Thu 18-Mar-21 18:59:01

In this article the boy is called her ‘lover’ more than once.

StillWeRise Thu 18-Mar-21 19:03:40

god that is all so awful
she was a sexual predator but she was also a victim of male violence/domestic violence, and so was that poor boy

WannabeOT Thu 18-Mar-21 19:06:54

Yes I thought this too. Having an 'affair' apparently. Nope, just sexually abusing him.

user1471429763 Thu 18-Mar-21 19:16:28

That poor boy not only had to go through the abuse but also her murder and being accused of it then is just flippantly referred to as her ‘lover’ as if it was all consensual. I hope he is getting the help he needs to work through the horror of what he’s had to live through

OhHolyJesus Thu 18-Mar-21 19:18:42

The reporting of a child abuse should differ according to the sex of the abuser.

It's fiction but I watched The Teacher on iPlayer recently which looked at this. It was quite challenging to watch as it was presented as if it was a relationship whilst the whole time I felt uncomfortable. It didn't look abusive but it felt abusive and it was fairly convincing.

Please complain on the BBC website about this article.


OhHolyJesus Thu 18-Mar-21 19:19:39



Should not differ.

It's still child abuse regardless of the sex of the abuser.

whatnow41 Thu 18-Mar-21 19:21:54

Yes I had read other reports referring to him as her lover as well. I didn't realise she met her husband while responsible for him as a prison warden. She definitely had issues with boundaries and a history of abusing her power/authority.

I feel so much for the boy in all of this and I really hope he gets the help he undoubtedly needs.

I will complain to the BBC about this I think.

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