Pornography and VAWG

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Imnobody4 Thu 18-Mar-21 10:14:54

CEASE has written an open letter to Boris Johnson re pornography.

I think it's been missed that part of the debate in HoL on DA bill was amendment 87A which concerned this.

Here's an excoriating speech from Baroness Benjamin on the government's response to the ammendment. I'm getting server error with this so if it doesn't work

Try this link -it's at 16.09.18

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Imnobody4 Fri 19-Mar-21 09:26:29

Just bumping this - no one has read it (sad face). I think it's important and didn't realise that the issue is about who regulates. Maybe this is something we should write to MPs about.

We urge you to re-designate the BBFC as regulator (which would take 40 days), following which Part 3 of the Digital Economy Act could be implemented in just a few months. Women and children would be protected throughout the second half of 2021, 2022 and 2023.
The safety of women and children must surely be a greater priority than your preference for OFCOM as an online safety regulator.
By implementing Part 3 now, we could reap the benefits of vital enhanced protections this year

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QuentinWinters Fri 19-Mar-21 10:30:30

Sorry noone has replied. Thats the issue with the board being so dominated by trans chat. Other feminism falls off very quickly.
Thanks for posting. Great letter and I really hope the PM takes notice. It beggars belief that such extreme sexual violence is so widespread in porn and I can only think its allowed due to large numbers of powerful men watching it and having extreme cognitive dissonance about what they are getting off too. If that is the case they'll probably continue to delay taking action.

TheRabbitOfCaerbannog Fri 19-Mar-21 10:31:18

Placemarking to read later. Thanks OP.

Cloud1921 Fri 19-Mar-21 17:10:50

Thanks for flagging this, I hadn't heard about it.

It's really important

CousinKrispy Fri 19-Mar-21 17:12:44

Yes, thank you for flagging. This is such an important issue and it's such a shame there is so little media attention paid to this.

MsTSwift Fri 19-Mar-21 17:14:48

Thank you for posting this OP. This seems so obvious to me. How can women be safe, respected and seen as fully human with such large numbers of men accessing such degrading and violent content? The affect on young boys particularly is so worrying.


MargaritaPie Fri 19-Mar-21 22:03:31

What would this do? Block porn sites? Or the ones which meet the criteria for "violence"?

GNCQ Fri 19-Mar-21 22:23:20

You'll (collective Feminist you'll) have a hard time trying to control pornhub.cum or youtubeporn.etc
Online porn is one of the biggest money makers out there. Violence against women is simply collateral damage.

quixote9 Sat 20-Mar-21 04:53:59

It's bizarre how torture in any other context is a crime. But wave a sex organ around somewhere in the frame and suddenly it's A-OK. Then it's sex! Sex is good! No matter what.

I realize (too many) men are having way too much ego-stroking to give up their gross dominance games without force, but they could at least own what they're doing. Stop hiding behind the awfulness of Victorian prudes and pretending any of that garbage has anything to do with actual sex.

Porn has as much to do with sex as force-feeding has to do with enjoying your food.

PotholeHellhole Sat 20-Mar-21 05:04:37

<claps for quixote9>

TheRabbitOfCaerbannog Sat 20-Mar-21 08:38:31

Yes! quixote9 👏

OptionsShmoptions Sat 20-Mar-21 11:26:37

Thanks OP. That is a great letter and I was ignorant of the details on this. It needs much wider coverage in the media. This board gets very busy and things slip down the listings quickly. I often make a mental note to return to the board and pick up on threads ‘later on’ when I have more time. I read yours when you posted but didn’t post and I know that’s the case with many here - some lurk, read, absorb but never post. It’s dispiriting I know but don’t take it as a given that no one has read it because many will have.

Yet again it seems it’s down to grass roots women’s organisations to campaign for causes that effect our lives in damaging ways. It feels like such a relentless slog sometimes especially when the news is so depressing.

Eightmagpies Sat 20-Mar-21 14:22:47

Thank you for bringing this to my attention, OP.

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