Tactics of disrupting debate

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Thelnebriati Tue 16-Mar-21 23:28:11

I see women ask for help when they are debating online, and many eventually realise the person who is arguing with them is not debating in good faith.

Theres a useful blog called ''Tactics For Effective Conservative Blogging By Karl Rove''.
If you find the person you are talking to is using one or more of these tactics, they are not debating you in good faith. Save your energy.

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Thelnebriati Tue 16-Mar-21 23:31:04

Demand an elaborate, time-consuming comparison / analysis between your position and theirs.

Insist that the Liberal put their posts in their own words. That will consume the most time and effort for the Liberal poster.

They will be unable to spread numerous points on numerous blogs if you have them occupied. Allowing a Liberal to post a web link is too quick and efficient for them. Tie them up. We are going for delay of game here.

Dismiss their narrative as rubbish immediately.
Once the Liberal goes through the trouble to research, gather, collate, compose and write their narrative your job is to discredit it.

Attack the source. Discredit Liberal sources of information whenever possible.

Challenge the Liberal position with questions. Once you have control you can direct the narrative to where you want it to go, which is always away from letting the Liberal make their point. Conversely, do not respond to their leading questions. Don't rise to their bait.

Your job is to prevent the presentation and spread of Liberal viewpoints.
Do anything you must do to prevent a Liberal poster from presenting a well-reasoned argument or starting a civil discussion.
Don't allow a Liberal to present their dogma unchallenged EVER.

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Thelnebriati Tue 16-Mar-21 23:33:04

Taunt the Liberals. If you find yourself in a debate with a Liberal where you are losing a fact-based argument then call them a name to derail their diatribe. Remember your goal is to prevent a meaningful exchange of views and ideas which may portray Liberalism in a positive light.

Insult their Movement
Assign as many character and moral flaws to Liberals as you can.

Identify yourself as a moderate, centrist or independent. It will also cause Liberals to lower their guard a bit, which gives you an effective opening.

Always claim the high ground...

Always refer to the other side as Liberals, Lefty Liberals, Libbies. Never assign them the status of a bona-fide political party.

Be alert for ways to insert our catch phrases into your narrative.

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