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gardenbird48 Tue 16-Mar-21 13:09:02

Emma Bateman
On March 8th, International Women's Day, I was suspended from the Green Party following a complaint by 2 fellow GPW committee members

Because I queried whether trans women are female.
Green Party policy is that 'trans women are women'

Now we must agree that they are also female

I thought Emma had gone a bit quiet since the weekend where they voted down a motion to support sex based rights.

It turns out that Emma might have been forced to accept the language re. transwomen are women but queried whether they are actually female. They objected to that as well obviously.

I guess it was only a matter of time as Kathryn Bristow's stated focus from the start was to take down Emma (rather than actually do any for women).

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DistaffSide Tue 16-Mar-21 20:32:44

I know Green Party members locally. Active, turn up and do real stuff for the environment. They think the party has totally lost it's way.

Given that there has been a focus on women's safety this week, I hope that Sian Berry hasn't been obscene enough to try and make political capital. She strongly opposed the Green Party conference motion to recognise the sex based rights of women. The GPW situation is just a symptom, the leadership is facilitating everything.

Bristow is a pathway advisor for GenderGP. Despite the high court ruling, the party declined to debate a motion around GenderGp at conference.

TabbyStar Tue 16-Mar-21 21:18:27

* A lot of people involved must be at the end of their rope with pretending to go along with this offensive, misogynist bollocks. I hope they'll speak up soon.*

A lot of us are speaking up, but being shouted down, many are too scared. It's got to come to the attention of more and more members though as it escalates. I'm hanging on in there at the moment to support people who are trying to change things, our votes are needed! (If we are not thrown out first....)

WindyPudding Tue 16-Mar-21 21:21:18

Oh sorry Tabby I didn't mean to imply no one at all was speaking up, IYSWIM.

I am really hoping for and confident in a tipping point, but it looks so grim sometimes. I mean in general too, not just the GP.

StillFemale Tue 16-Mar-21 21:25:38

Let’s face it this doesn’t surprise anyone on this board.

Every party needs membership fees to have funds and volunteers to do the work behind the scenes. All women that are concerned about either sex based rights or climate change needs to withdraw from both.

I’m interested in whether this will be commented on in anyway by Caroline Lucas.

There’s a need for a real Green Party but at the moment it would go the way of all niche parties so it’s pointless.

ChakaDakotaRegina Tue 16-Mar-21 21:34:59

What is unacceptable to say by the Green Party:
“It is not discrimination to say men should not be in a women’s group”
“People cannot change sex”
“Males cannot become female”
“What is a female “


Kendodd Tue 16-Mar-21 21:41:15

I'm beginning to think trans women all work for the Tories and are on a mission to destroy the left. They know left wing parties will tie themselves in knots trying to 'be kind', no chance of any 'be kind' nonsense from the Tories.


Whythesadface Tue 16-Mar-21 21:48:43

Not sure if you've seen. But there is a backlash happening. People are declaring themselves as Super. Gay or Straight, it started as a joke , but it seems to be spreading, Trans people are upset.

OhHolyJesus Tue 16-Mar-21 21:55:28

Sian Berry hasn't been obscene enough to try and make political capital.

Oh you are kidding. She's mostly been retweeting others including Reclaim These Streets and Peter Tachell, sharing her interview clips, pushing forward with her campaign for London Mayor and criticising the police.

I did have to laugh at the irony of these though, given the context of the post-conference celebrations over the motions on women's sex based rights being voted down and the passing of the Self ID motion, from IWD to Mother's Day, and all that happened in between.

They haven't a clue.

ArabellaScott Tue 16-Mar-21 21:58:22


Wow, so they have a male and a female as Co-chairs of Green Party Women, and now the female has been chucked out for not believing that men can become women? So the chair that is left of Green Party Women is a male? And this is the person that said 'sex based rights has been defeated'?

You could not make this shit up? What the fuck do the Greens think they are doing? How can anyone think this is OK, it's utterly bizarre!

Yes, it's absurd. Perhaps at least it will provide an object lesson for the other political parties. Watch how it plays out with voters.

(The Greens are they only party I ever was a member of, it's depressing to see them reduced to this.)

Payfrozen Tue 16-Mar-21 22:30:07

Who can I vote for?
Not Labour
Not Plaid
Not Green

It’s very bad. Can’t vote for a party that doesn’t know/won’t say what a woman is.

TabbyStar Wed 17-Mar-21 06:33:05

Caroline must know it's wrong but she's in a vulnerable position without other support. I do roll my eyes at the idea that better streetlighting is what we need to sort this out - no, we need men to stop feeling so entitled to our bodies, our time and our identities, and yes, that's all men pretty much.

WarriorN Wed 17-Mar-21 06:56:34

"Querying whether trans women are female"

This is utterly ridiculous written out like that. From a medical POV of course they aren't female.

Whythesadface Wed 17-Mar-21 10:50:34

WarriorN you can't say that it hurts the Trans women's feelings.

WindyPudding Wed 17-Mar-21 11:33:26

It's bizarre the way only trans people's feelings matter according to this ideology. Why don't my feelings about my body and its femaleness matter - wanting to be able to have a safe space - an actual, literally safe space as opposed to just protecting my ego - away from males? It's as if you only matter if you are trans, or a TW in particular. Many trans allies and activists associate themselves with Black Lives Matter, but they'll also put their feelings above black women's feelings eg Hibo Wardere, if they don't centre TW even if it's totally unnecessary.

And yet if you don't recognise the existence of sex you can't be trans. If it wasn't for the reality of sex, why do so many trans people want lifelong medical support, hormones and surgery?

It's another circularity. Of course a TW is not female. It's just got to the point where all it is is a power play. Generally a male over female power play.

AIMD Wed 17-Mar-21 12:14:52

What I don’t understand is that surely having words to differentiate between trans women and women (Cis women/biological women whatever words I’m allowed to use) is helpful for trans women too in some situations. Like if they go to their dr about their health surely they need the drama to know they are a trans woman in some circumstances?

I mean if we refer to everyone as ‘women’ how would we know the numbers of people who might be trans and so the number of people who might want to access services for trans people (medical/psychological support service). If everyone is just referred to as ‘women’ then how do you accurately record attacks against women and trans women and address the underlying cause of of them ( which might be the same or might be different to the causes of crime against biological women).

Why is recognising there is a fundamental difference between people born as women and people born as men who transition to women wrong? Surely recognising there is a different and making sure there are services to address their needs is better than pretending that women are women regardless of your definition of women?

Boiledeggandtoast Wed 17-Mar-21 17:19:02


Thank you for the link WarriorN. Interesting and hopeful.

bd67thSaysReinstateLangCleg Wed 17-Mar-21 20:02:18


And this recent transitioner has confirmed that they have put themselves down as female on the census (no GRC) and is encouraging others to respond to the Sex question with false information as well.

It is supposed to be an offence to put false information on the census - I have no idea how that would be prosecuted as the information is supposed to be confidential but there must be a way otherwise there is no point of making it a prosecutable offence.

It is quite astonishing that this person not only uses their GPW platform to promote their employer, Gendergp but openly admits committing a criminal (?) offence. Obviously the bar in the Green Party is pretty low (A. Challenor demonstrating this) but surely they can’t think this person is fit for public office??

If they've bragged about doing it online, take screencaps and send the screencaps and links to the police and ONS. They've confessed to a crime.

Keep copies, in case someone like FPFW wants to act on this later.

Zinco Wed 17-Mar-21 20:22:45

I'm beginning to think trans women all work for the Tories and are on a mission to destroy the left. They know left wing parties will tie themselves in knots trying to 'be kind', no chance of any 'be kind' nonsense from the Tories.

I think the Tory Party are in a position where they know their voting base probably isn't hard-core for trans rights, so they don't lose anything by being more cautious.

But if the establishment left can fall to this ideology, then so can the Tory party potentially. If they think it's in their best interests to just go along with it, and it's not a battle worth fighting, and they have to be "on the right side of history"... if there is enough of a backlash then it probably helps them stay cautious.

bd67thSaysReinstateLangCleg Wed 17-Mar-21 21:55:10

@gardenbird48 see it's worth reporting census fraud.

gardenbird48 Wed 17-Mar-21 22:01:07


*@gardenbird48* see it's worth reporting census fraud.

I've just seen that one - a brilliant move - I hope she gets some results. I'll see which screenshots I can find.

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WarriorN Thu 18-Mar-21 16:41:19

The Bridgwater and West Somerset branch of the Green Party has gone on strike.

"strike will last until, as a minimum requirement, Emma Bateman's suspension is lifted."

Xanthangum Thu 18-Mar-21 16:47:02

The Bridgwater and West Somerset branch of the Green Party has gone on strike

Wow. What does this actually mean, they cease canvassing? Stand down candidates? Councillors don't attend council meetings?

WarriorN Thu 18-Mar-21 16:57:01

Genuine don't know

WarriorN Thu 18-Mar-21 17:03:26

I think so. An acting secretary has resigned

WarriorN Thu 18-Mar-21 17:03:40

(As well)

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