Australia’s PM reassures women ...

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DancelikeEmmaGoldman Tue 16-Mar-21 03:33:15

... that the Government won’t shoot them.

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Eekay Tue 16-Mar-21 03:49:14

Yes, we're all terribly grateful over here. Such magnanimity hmm
You sure know you're in a liberal, progressive society when the prime minister isn't actively thinking about having you shot.

SavingsQuestions Tue 16-Mar-21 03:54:20

Ah well that's good then...!

BlackWaveComing Tue 16-Mar-21 04:33:08

Excellent, so reassured.

Percivalthebabyspider Tue 16-Mar-21 04:46:58

Our PM is a joke. Thousands of women marched against violence yesterday and that’s his response.

chatw00 Tue 16-Mar-21 04:54:26

Anything to big up how excellent Australia is and what a stand up job Scotty is doing. Good news, we're not shooting people here in Australia! 5*

alwayscrashinginthesamecar1 Tue 16-Mar-21 05:25:10

ScoMo is such a gigantic fuckwit. Thank god we have a great state Premier (MM).


SweetGrapes Tue 16-Mar-21 06:28:24

Wow! What a comparison! Couldn't find anything better to say?!!

Downunderduchess Tue 16-Mar-21 06:34:18

I’m not even surprised anymore at the shit that comes out of his mouth. Such a disappointing PM, such a disappointing human. It’s like he has no fucking idea. I would be shocked if he ever said anything insightful or empathetic.

HikingInTheHills Tue 16-Mar-21 06:45:37

He’s a f%#kwit but not terribly unexpected from someone who is stuck in the 1950s. He’s an embarrassment.

StartupRepair Tue 16-Mar-21 06:48:26

The marches and speeches were so inspiring. Thousands of women completely fed up with this government's contempt of women and protection of rapists.
The PM's view of women was made clear a while ago when women were complaining about giving birth on the highway as there was no regional hospital, and he said 'isn't it great I upgraded the highway''.

pastybutcool Tue 16-Mar-21 08:27:35

I don't hold a hose but I could hold a gun.


Remember Kopika and Tharunicaa. They're been in detention on Christmas Island for three years now.

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