Letter writing campaign: does a letter template exist to send out to MPs/organisations about women's rights

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MrsPeacockInTheLibrary Sun 14-Mar-21 01:01:50

My ancestor signed her name on her wedding certificate with a cross because she could not write her name. I am a passionate advocate for female education, literacy and having a voice etc. This is alongside all the recent devastating events of recent times for Sarah and her family, and the wider ongoing debates about women and the public.

I am going to write some letters - because I want to see them actually put in writing what their belief is about women, science and human freedoms. I am not saying I am doing something new, I know that this has been round the block a few times. If anyone knows a template then please let me know. Here are the places I am going to write to:

The City Council where I live
The Labour Party (I'm a member)
NEU - teaching Union (I'm a member)
Girl Guides

I do not intend to offend anyone here or trample on toes. If there is already a thread with something similar then I did not know. I haven't been active in these sort of areas for a while. And I'm furious and heartbroken and disbeliving it has come to this. That, actually, it is still this.

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Thelnebriati Sun 14-Mar-21 01:31:40

My ancestor signed her name on her wedding certificate with a cross because she could not write her name
That hit me in the gut.

You're not stepping on toes. I think the best place to start is to ask them if they support womens sex based rights as laid out in The Equality Act. Its a simple question and it gets to the heart of the matter - if they waffle on about 'gender' (which has no legal definition) or 'balancing the rights of other groups' you can start to challenge them in more detail.

But you might find - as many of us have - that at some point you are blocked from contacting your own MP.

Thelnebriati Sun 14-Mar-21 13:42:04

Quick bump for the Sunday crowd.

WarriorN Sun 14-Mar-21 14:13:59

Oh fantastic, thanks for the bump. Excellent feminist action

Helleofabore Sun 14-Mar-21 18:08:27

You could also contact Baroness Nicholson to see if she has some templates and if she needs some letter writing done still to organizations to remove the misinformation that has been spread.


PotholeParadies Sun 14-Mar-21 21:48:20

The @MaryBCH question.

Do you agree that there should be sex-segregated facilities for women in hospitals, schools, refuges and prisons?


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