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Buttonitboris Sat 13-Mar-21 23:24:41

I need to do more. I've read enough and nowi want to do something, get involved. Anyone else? I'm politically homeless so looking for something else. Can people please share links to local feminist groups. Many I've looked at (looking at you WEP) have views that don't align with my gender critical view. I would love to find a 'home' with like minded people.

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ErrolTheDragon Sat 13-Mar-21 23:49:29

There are groups but it's generally not a good idea to share links on a public thread.

persistentwoman Sat 13-Mar-21 23:52:13

There's another thread about this and someone there has suggested the FILIA conference as a way to network. I've never been but women speak glowingly about it.
I think lockdown has hampered so much open activism but given the current levels of misogyny and state of women's rights I suspect in the summer there'll be an explosion of meetings and groups.

Ereshkigalangcleg Sat 13-Mar-21 23:52:56

Was just coming to suggest Filia!

persistentwoman Sat 13-Mar-21 23:53:05


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