Government consultation on VAWG (link for submissions)

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WinstonsWeirdVole Sat 13-Mar-21 19:51:44

Posting this link here for those who haven’t seen it. The government is collecting views from those with lived experiences of - or views on - violence against women, to help inform their next strategy on tackling VAWG:

Thinking about what my response will be this evening, much good may it do. I’m not even sure where to start...

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LizzieSiddal Sat 13-Mar-21 19:56:02

Thank you for posting this link. I did see this consultation mentioned on BBC news channel today. I hope lots of women complete it.

Sicario Sat 13-Mar-21 22:18:46

It's really important that we get involved and tell them like it is... that there seems to be no appetite within successive Governments to address misogyny and VAWG because the men in charge refuse to face up to the reality of MALE PERPETRATED VIOLENCE.

To face up to male violence against women and girls would mean having a hand in smashing the patriarchy. And the patriarchy is hell bent on keeping male power exactly where it is.

ChakaDakotaRegina Sun 14-Mar-21 11:16:23

Thanks for the reminder- I may have an angrier response to give them today but that’s not a bad thing.

AdaFuckingShelby Sun 14-Mar-21 11:19:58

Thanks. Ive just done the survey. Keep posting on here everyone so we can keep the thread active.

MaudTheInvincible Sun 14-Mar-21 12:10:08

This is really important. Despite the shortcomings in the language used in the survey we must get our voices heard.

Erkrie Sun 14-Mar-21 12:39:58



alwayslucky Sun 14-Mar-21 16:37:37

Thank you for the link. Not yet opened. Dread finding they have designed a form to exclude the most excluded.
e.g. house sharers, sofa surfers, unofficial sub tenants may be the most desperate to keep a roof over their heads, since they wouldn't be in that housing situation if they had an alternative. Obviously they can and will be subjected, in the place they live, to every kind of abuse listed as domestic violence. But they are 'non-people'. The Domestic Violence laws do not apply to them, because they were supposed to be raped, beaten, coerced by a personal partner, not a sharer or sublandlord. Obviously they could go to the police, but with no right to remain in the place their lives may be at risk, and with no way to get the abuser to stay out, would it be sane to enrage him? If they run away, or if the assailant kicks them out for disobedience, where can they go? Non-people cannot go domestic violence organisations, because of the legal definition of 'approved domestic assailants'

Violence against the most extremely vulnerable women of all is not worth a mention. Rightly, of course, people are enraged by the Sarah case. At about the same time, a woman in her late 70s was killed by extreme internal injuries from an extraordinarily violent rape. The attacking nurse had a history of rape. But people in 'care' homes are the most non-people of all. I only heard a couple of sentences about it, and could not see any reporting.

Helleofabore Sun 14-Mar-21 17:54:45


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