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FindTheTruth Sat 13-Mar-21 17:07:12

Saw this doing the rounds on Twitter

Chris is on the streets wearing a billboard that says 'Children can't consent to puberty blockers' and wears a bodycam.

he filmed a group attacking him and breaking his arm

more here

and here

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MsMarvellous Sat 13-Mar-21 17:14:32

I have my issues with him but this is horrendous. He's fighting his fight in his way and peacefully, he did not warrant any attack.

FindTheTruth Sat 13-Mar-21 17:14:55

"They might be able to take down a billboard, but they can't take a sign off my back"

"A father broke down in tears talking to me. The kids think their parents are transphobic"

"A woman went to court to stop her daughter getting a double masectomy"

"bill C6 banning conversion therapy, .... will make it a crimminal offence for a therapist to do talk theraphy or watchful waiting.... face upto 5 years in jail....this is not organic.... it's a 4000% increase"

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CuriousaboutSamphire Sat 13-Mar-21 17:18:20

Bloody hell! Who were they? Random blokes on the street or more focused TRA objectors?


FindTheTruth Sat 13-Mar-21 17:20:11

There's been a lot of bad news in threads recently. some good news (FPFW ONS, HoL) but lots of bad news for women and girls (Sarah Everard, Scottish Parliament women hating bill, NHS Trust calling a woman a TERF for asking about their equality impact assessment, goady fuckers on threads like the detransitioners awareness day and on and on). so seeing new approaches to raising awareness, feels like a break from the grindstone.

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toffeebutterpopcorn Sat 13-Mar-21 17:20:55

I hope the catch the sods.

persistentwoman Sat 13-Mar-21 17:23:42

Threats and violence to silence free speech - seems to be par for the course in Canada and increasingly adopted in the UK by some.


FindTheTruth Sat 13-Mar-21 17:28:19

striking that UK judicial review court ruling Keira Bell is being heard around the world, US Senate, Outside Canadian Parliament.

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FindTheTruth Sun 14-Mar-21 03:58:22

school lessons in Canada: Genderbread, red crayon
teaching resources: I am Jazz, My princess boy

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Shizuku Sun 14-Mar-21 10:50:20

You mean Chris Elston - the man who was arrested for harassing a woman in the street?

Shizuku Sun 14-Mar-21 10:52:53

Here he is following another woman with a video camera:

Erkrie Sun 14-Mar-21 10:56:49

Give over shizuku.

ErrolTheDragon Sun 14-Mar-21 10:59:17


I have my issues with him but this is horrendous. He's fighting his fight in his way and peacefully, he did not warrant any attack.

Yeah. Actual literal violence. No excuse for it.

PurpleHoodie Sun 14-Mar-21 11:09:00

They want him silenced.

AnotherLass Sun 14-Mar-21 19:48:01

Just posting this video of Arty Morty having a chat with Chris. I thought it was really good and really powerful.

Some GC people seem to have some issues with Chris - I didn't really follow what the fight was about. But from this video, he seems like a good bloke to me.

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