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HeirloomTomato Fri 12-Mar-21 19:42:21

Has anyone shared this yet? Eddie Izzard rejoices at being 'promoted to she' on the masthead while the headline names women murdered due to male violence in the past year. Wonderful timing and juxtaposition.

Wouldn't expect anything less from the Guardian these days, however...

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nestoftables Fri 12-Mar-21 19:43:33

Yes there was a long thread earlier which got deleted, I believe because it got too personal rather than focused in the guardian

Helleofabore Fri 12-Mar-21 19:43:59

Been there and deleted!! Sadly...

But that was because MN stated it devolved into a personal attack. If we keep this thread focused on the incredibly tone deaf front page, it might survive.

ShirleyPhallus Fri 12-Mar-21 19:44:06

Really is shit. I can’t believe that no one spotted that

MsSavouryPancake Fri 12-Mar-21 19:45:15

Just so disrespectful. I hate The Guardian these days . They hate women.

Helleofabore Fri 12-Mar-21 19:45:21

So, starting off. This is an incredibly tone deaf front page and almost like the guardian is sending mixed messages.

I can’t say anymore without a deletion.

Leafstamp Fri 12-Mar-21 19:48:02

Some further commentary and info here (email address for complaints):


StudentProblems Fri 12-Mar-21 19:48:48

This will be deleted. Women aren’t allowed to be angry about this or @mumsnet will silence us

HoegaardenHappiness Fri 12-Mar-21 19:48:57

Do you think the Guardian was trolling on purpose?

Seems extreme Cognitive dissonance.

Here are women killed by men.
Here is someone who has decided to be a woman.
Can women decide not to be killed by men?

Leafstamp Fri 12-Mar-21 19:52:41

The vibe on Twitter seems to be that EI did not choose the date of publication/positioning of the article etc, which I think seems fair enough?

That said, some of the quotes from EI are questionable.

The thread should stay if we are talking about the newspaper’s decision on timing of publishing this and position of the picture and headline - not in good taste at all.

ShirleyPhallus Fri 12-Mar-21 19:54:42


This will be deleted. Women aren’t allowed to be angry about this or @mumsnet will silence us

I’m not sure that’s really fair, I think MNHQ have a difficult line to tread and generally do it pretty well

McDuffy Fri 12-Mar-21 19:56:01

I was wondering if it was trolling or if someone at the Guardian did it on purpose as a statement... it made me feel a bit nauseous though, the dissonance

MmeMarsaud Fri 12-Mar-21 20:17:00

Also on today's Guardian webpage, below the headline:

Women/ Men must challenge other men on women's safety, campaigner says

They have:

Sam Smith/ Singer excluded from gendered categories at 2021 Brit Awards


peepholepringle Fri 12-Mar-21 20:18:38

The cognitive dissonance is truly something to behold.

OhHolyJesus Fri 12-Mar-21 20:28:19

Is it the Guardian that asks for donations on every online story? I wonder if they moved behind a paywall if their subscriptions would be as high as say The Times or the Spectator.

Poor old Huff post is closing down.

It would be interesting to see if anything changed, if readers turn away having been filled to the gills with woke BS and it hits you where it hurts. Bit late then though isn't it?

Xpectations Fri 12-Mar-21 20:28:32

I don’t think The Guardian were deliberately trolling, I don’t think they have much regard for women, especially the murdered women featured on their front page, beyond lip service.

UnderHisAye Fri 12-Mar-21 20:32:21

This morning the headline on the guardian website was: I've had boob envy since I was a teen.

By lunchtime that was replaced with something less FUCK YOU WOMEN.

zanahoria Fri 12-Mar-21 20:47:25

if it was a mistake I am sure they will to apologise to Eddie

MaudTheInvincible Fri 12-Mar-21 20:53:30

I've seen quite a few people on twitter saying this has been their push to cancel their subscriptions. Don't know if that is because of the front page or the story inside (+ headline change).

Toseland Fri 12-Mar-21 20:55:06

Interesting @HoegaardenHappiness, that’s set me off in thinking...
when you look at the layout of that page...
The photo of EI is unusual as it is not just a head and shoulders but chest too. Also it’s big; twice the size of everything else on the page and his headline is very slightly larger in font size, bright orange and bold, with a bold subhead. Compared to the supposed page headline which is thin and black with no subheading.
So that all adds up to it reading more like:
> Here is someone who has decided to be a woman
> Here are women killed by men.
The designer at least is trolling.

MissBarbary Fri 12-Mar-21 21:05:32

That front page is beyond appalling.

HoegaardenHappiness Fri 12-Mar-21 21:18:18

Yeah def Trolling. Here are some women murdered by men.

And here’s Eddie! Who has picked up the mantle of women.

Someone really hates women. Let’s not even let the dead ones have a page to themselves

AdHominemNonSequitur Fri 12-Mar-21 21:21:01

My husband is wokish and his take is the that both 'causes' are likely to be close to the Guardians woke little heart. I have tried to point out the juxtaposition, but he can't see it. At all. Nothing to see here.

HeirloomTomato Fri 12-Mar-21 23:17:31

Interesting that a previous thread was deleted. I shared it from the point of view of how tone-deaf the media can be when it comes to violence against women. I'm not interested in EI's personal journey or anything else related to that topic.

Just insane to me that a mainstream, supposedly left-wing broadsheet newspaper would juxtapose the image of a male-born person speaking about the glamour of womanhood with a front-page story about the gender-based violence women have to live with every day of our lives. A gender-based violence that has led to the actual death of so many women named on the front page.

But, yes, please Guardian. Please do carry on talking about boobs and shoes with a stunning and brave 'celeb'.

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BettyFilous Sat 13-Mar-21 00:02:20

I asked DH if he’d seen the furore on Twitter about this. He said it sounded like people was over-reacting with feelings running so high about the Sarah Everard case. I showed him the front page. He was appalled and said it was tone deaf.

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