Psychometric testing to assess suitability for SNP or Labour party

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Outoftheshadow Fri 12-Mar-21 16:42:33

Please complete the following psychometric test to determine your suitability to join the SNP or Labour Party

Instructions- please read the following questions carefully and select the most appropriate answer

Que 1) Which answer best defines the word ‘Police’

A) Police – a socially organised collective of individuals who are best engaged fighting thought crime
b) Police – a socially defined collective of individuals who would be best engaged protecting the weakest members in society

Que 2) Which answer best defines the ‘Hate crime bill’
a) A bill designed to defend the rights of discriminated individuals inc those who wish to wear frocks on a Monday and Tuesday but not necessarily on other days of the week
b) A travesty of legislation voted in by morally corrupt individuals from across a number of political organisations of Scotland

Que 3) Which answer best describes the term ‘scientific evidence’
a) Scientific evidence is a socially defined morally corrupt concept defined to give the wrong answers to questions that can then be used to discriminate against other
b) Scientific evidence is an iterative process of test and observation in a controlled environment designed to ensure correct conclusions are made

Que 4) Which answer best describes the term ‘Terf’
a) A terf is a perpetrator of a hate crime
B) a terf is slur against an adult human with XX chromones desperately trying to protect themselves from attack by other women

Que 5) Which answer best describes the term ‘Woman’
a) A woman is anyone who says they’re a women including someone who is a man on Mondays and Tuesdays
b) A woman is an adult human female

Que 6) Which answer best describes “Human Female’
A) a human female is anyone who says they’re human female even if they the identify as a human male on Mondays and Tuesdays
b) A human female is a sexual categorisation used to differentiate one half of the species Homo Sapien who have XX chromosome, from that of the other half of the Home sapien species who have XY chromones used to differentiate them typically called ‘Males’. Not to be confused with clownfish who have a different evolutionary path that diverged from the common ancestor of both species some 350million years ago

Que 7) which best defines the concept of ‘woman hood’
a) A love of fashion, clothes, makeup and perky tits
b) An experience gained through a lifetime of experiencing menstruation, child birth (inc pain through loss of child); menopause; typically being the main carer for young, experiencing misogyny on an almost daily basis

Que 8) What is a rape crisis centre
A) A building designed to discriminate against some women by denying them access
B) A safe refuge for a human with XX chromosomes who has escaped with its life and often with its offspring

Mostly a's) your are a suitable candidate to join the SNP or Labour - could also consider greens or Lib Dem’s
Mostly b's) you are an immorally deviant, dangerous individual. That’s why we need to have hate crime bills to deal with the likes of you

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AdHominemNonSequitur Fri 12-Mar-21 18:08:47

smile Careful they might get ideas. Lib dems especially are not above directly copying or repurposing stuff written by other people. Like plagiarising the antisemitism definition for the only identity that really matters.

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