Proposed Stalking Bill for NI - any help?

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Sacreblue Fri 12-Mar-21 14:06:43

I can see a call for evidence on the Stalking Bill for NI (link below) closing mid April.

From what I can make out in it it seems good but I am not used to reading this type of legal document, and additional notes refer to other legal bits and, blush I just don’t understand it all enough to begin to respond.

And maybe its fine & no response is needed but they are asking for those with experience of stalking to offer feedback specifically so presumably all general public & not just legal/professional people. I wish they’d included a plain English explanation.

Is anyone more knowledgeable, able, and have enough time, to take a look?

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BeetyAxe Fri 12-Mar-21 14:11:57

Bumping because I also don’t have the skills to understand it but it’s important. Women’s right in NI are abysmal so it’s important this goes through properly.

Sacreblue Fri 12-Mar-21 16:15:01

Thanks @BeetyAxe I’ve rang the number (generic EE answerphone message hmm )

So I’ve emailed to ask if they have a plain English version or even an online focus group or something to explain it.

Post email I got a call supposedly from National Crime Agency 😂 super confused for a moment before realising it was some phishing thing and hung up.

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BeetyAxe Fri 12-Mar-21 17:13:43

😂flip sake that could’ve went badly wrong for you! Bumping again in the hope that the evening crowd take a look, maybe too early though.

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