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missproportionate Fri 12-Mar-21 14:02:33

I just heard them on the radio and have had a good look at their site; as at the moment I heard them I was contemplating a query to my DCs school regarding their PHSE offer - as they've just sent quite a comprehensive letter detailing it, and I wanted to touch base with school.

I was wondering whether to link to Uk Feminista content as I know they offer training to schools, and was wondering if anyone has used their resources?

Before the events this week throwing this all into stark relief I was planning on asking school how they were going to address the massive deficit of learned social skills that teenagers will have now they have missed a whole vital year learning to make/break friends and starting to have relationships.

My 14yo DS, in particular, has so much testosterone and is desperate to meet girls, but as he is socially anxious due to SEN he is absolutely clueless and I have no idea how he will 'catch up'. I want school to reassure me that they are aware that these vital learnt skill shave been missed, and that if/when they try to redress that, they are really on the ball with helping the boys to be the best and aware of consent etc.

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