Domestic abuse Zoom hearing cut short as defendant found in witness’s apartment

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ThroughTheBarsOfARhyme Thu 11-Mar-21 22:39:44

In the US.

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Significantown Thu 11-Mar-21 23:44:56

Speechless shock

Delphinium20 Thu 11-Mar-21 23:50:27

And that is an example of one who was many more get away with it.

FindTheTruth Fri 12-Mar-21 06:47:12

Judge It's the first time I ever had anybody sitting in the next room, potentially intimidating a witness

This is....

lost for words. A glimpse of what women are going through in lockdown

WB205020 Fri 12-Mar-21 07:07:47

Utterly shocking.....I hope the book gets thrown at him and he’s locked up for a long long time.

Thank god for that lawyer!

Whatwouldscullydo Fri 12-Mar-21 07:12:04

Just shock

Secretsquirrelsbuddy Fri 12-Mar-21 07:12:22

Very very shocking. Handled very well by all involved. I hope the victim is now safe and getting the support she needs.


JM10 Fri 12-Mar-21 07:15:34

Proof that whilst women are being advised not to walk alone in the dark, until men change their behaviour, we aren't safe anywhere.

FindTheTruth Fri 12-Mar-21 07:16:20

True JM10

aweegc Fri 12-Mar-21 07:19:57

That made me cry.

I wonder how many other cases this has happened in.

frankiefirstyear Fri 12-Mar-21 07:20:44

Made me cry too, absolutely awful 💔

AfternoonToffee Fri 12-Mar-21 07:21:24

Thank goodness for the observant prosecutor.

NonnyMouse1337 Fri 12-Mar-21 07:34:39


SunsetBeetch Fri 12-Mar-21 07:40:27

Oh my god. That lawyer and Judge were amazing though.

InflagranteDelicto Fri 12-Mar-21 07:46:53

That was handled amazingly well. The poor woman. It does leave one wondering, how many more haven't been noticed?

DisorganisedOrganiser Fri 12-Mar-21 17:29:25

Terrifying. Thank goodness she had a shit hot lawyer.

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