Stonewall and Welsh Govt pt 2

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MerchedCymru Sun 07-Mar-21 19:55:42

See details below re action proposed for Welsh women's groups this month.

A consultation has been opened around Welsh Govt Equity and Inclusion funding and we have until 30th March to respond. With the situation in Scotland intensifying, and Welsh Govt appearing to fall into step, the situation in the UK is worrying to say the least.

You don't have to live in Wales to respond!!

Link from MCs Facebook page:

'The War on Women is set to intensify in Wales if organisations like Stonewall are given 5-year funding. Their stated intention is to dismantle single-sex spaces, services and opportunities.

Please read, share and take action to protect our rights' .

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MerchedCymru Sun 07-Mar-21 20:08:20

Here's the link.... Hopefully 🤞

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Olderstyle1 Mon 08-Mar-21 22:14:43

Thanks Merched - given the shitshow in Scotland right now, this has to be a priority. Will let you know how I get on...

CazSkids Tue 06-Apr-21 15:38:34

Just submitted my response, thank you for the suggestions @MerchedCymru, they were very helpful. The last date for a response has been extended until the 16th April 2021.

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