Listening to the Cancelled women: Rachel Ara talk

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QueenoftheAir Wed 03-Mar-21 17:14:39

I am currently listening to a Zoom webinar by the artist Rachel Ara, whom I was lucky enough to chat to in the bar after that wonderful day in February 2020 of the Women's Liberation commemorative meeting (ahhhhh happy days).

She was due to give an Artist's Talk at Oxford Brookes in 2019, and was cancelled because she's a lesbian who focuses on her experience as a woman in her art.

By the silver-lining of the pandemic I'm able to listen to Rachel and her account of her career by Zoom. It's (so far) a fantastic talk - she's talking realistically about her training and her career as an artist, giving students lots of advice about how they should think about their practice & development as artists.

And this is the silver lining of the attempts to "cancel" feminists - I only heard about Ms Ara because she'd been no-platformed. When I saw the announcement of a re-scheduled talk, I rushed to sign up.

I wouldn't have even known about her if she hadn't been no platformed ...

Now, I'm going back to watch her slides of guerilla art work protesting male violence to women.

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Thelnebriati Wed 03-Mar-21 18:46:29

I'm interested in the artwork, is there any way of learning more about it?

QueenoftheAir Wed 03-Mar-21 18:57:29

She has a website and an Instagram account - very easily googlable.

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