#MothersOnMarriageCerts - finally going to be from this May - Woman’s Hour

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nameequality Wed 03-Mar-21 09:20:38

Morning - I’ll be on Woman’s Hour this morning because nearly 8 years after my petition - and 2 years after the Act of Parliament- everything is in place behind the scenes for the names & occupations of Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom to be on marriage certificates. The General Register Office has said this will come in from 4.5.21!

See old thread from 2019 - this thread

Thanks to all the MNers who supported the petition and wrote to their MPs.

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Imnobody4 Wed 03-Mar-21 09:46:02

Brilliant, well done. 'Mothers' seem to be on a roll at the moment

BobBobBobbing Wed 03-Mar-21 09:48:20

Bloody brilliant. Really wish this had been in when we got married.

redcandlelight Wed 03-Mar-21 09:51:40

whoop whoop

what a great result!

NeedToKnow101 Wed 03-Mar-21 09:52:26

Ah that's brilliant! Will listen in! ❤️

HermitsLife Wed 03-Mar-21 09:52:39

Brilliant news. Wish had been a thing when I got married. Well done.

Ereshkigalangcleg Wed 03-Mar-21 09:52:39

Fantastic! thanks


Helmetbymidnight Wed 03-Mar-21 09:59:20


ChakaDakotaRegina Wed 03-Mar-21 10:15:17

Amazing! Mothers are so important! I can’t believe it’s not been changed before 2021.

WendyTestaburger Wed 03-Mar-21 10:16:43

Will it be possible to get old certificates done again?

WendyTestaburger Wed 03-Mar-21 10:19:19

This is really great. Thank you

NonnyMouse1337 Wed 03-Mar-21 11:37:41

Fantastic result. Thanks for persevering for so many years!

ErrolTheDragon Wed 03-Mar-21 11:40:52

Well done, OP!thanks

TomatoesAreFruit Wed 03-Mar-21 11:44:14

Congratulations. This is brilliant flowers

LizzieSiddal Wed 03-Mar-21 11:52:47

Congratulations for all your work on this. You did it!! flowers

BaronessWrongCrowd Wed 03-Mar-21 12:01:10

Excellent news!

nameequality Wed 03-Mar-21 12:13:54

Thanks all - link is now up - I’m from 33mins no if you fancy a listen - www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000sr3w

@WendyTestaburger - I sadly don’t think backdated change is a part of this. I’ll have to see what any family historians might suggest as to how to record this missing information for future generations.

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