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ArabellaScott Wed 03-Mar-21 09:02:24

The useful Bunbury Guide to Spotting Community Disruptors is constantly evolving.

The best research and advice is not to engage with community disruptors and trolls. As ever, if you suspect troll activity, report it to MNHQ.

This is a continuation of the Public Service Announcement thread:

If and when you see threads plopped into FWR, especially a curious repeat of well worn topics, maybe check for poster history before engaging. AS is your friend.

There are a number of posts/posters/threads that are reproduced on Twitter or Facebook to foment controversy using screen shots & flagging to either MNHQ to have threads or posters deleted.. Sometimes, it’s used to approach commissioning editors with ideas for articles. It’s a tiresome tactic that we always have community disruptor posters who themselves post the comments that they then highlight elsewhere as purported evidence of racism, religious intolerance, anti-men sentiments, or transphobia.

This thread will be taking a leisurely stroll through the foothills of community disruption, noting the behaviour of wildlife and interesting flora and fauna en route.

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YetAnotherSpartacus Tue 09-Mar-21 09:19:36

It's not. I think we need to operate on the basis that even asking questions like 'can we use [banned word] in x context is going to get us banned not because this is problematic but because they want to get rid of us.

ArabellaScott Tue 09-Mar-21 09:24:44

they want to get rid of us

I'd like to hear this confirmed or denied. I am okay with them wanting this if they are honest about it.

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YetAnotherSpartacus Tue 09-Mar-21 09:26:10

I'm inclined to play the long game and lay low until the current fuss is over. MN is important to many GC women, even those who don't know it yet!

Helleofabore Tue 09-Mar-21 09:33:19

I am also inclined to stick around. Although I am hanging by a thread and being very careful. However, the number of new posters this year so far has been incredible. And it has a real momentum which is why the ingress of posters who want to merely point fingers is increasing.

But I am disappointed that Cara has been banned. And it would be just as disappointing to see Mole banned as well.

ArabellaScott Tue 09-Mar-21 09:38:05

Feeling very conflicted and upset here. I hate unfairness.

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ArabellaScott Tue 09-Mar-21 09:38:38

Which is why I care about women's rights, ffs.

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TheChampagneGalop Tue 09-Mar-21 09:51:04

This campaign against feminists on MN has been going on for many years now, so many well-spoken women unfairly banned.
But FWR is still here. That IS a victory. 💪

DickKerrLadies Tue 09-Mar-21 09:58:48

As the phrase goes, I came for the parenting and stayed for the feminism. And for the other boards too.

I've learnt loads from MN. I've said it before but the 'hive mind' accusations always amuse me because I remember when the reason posters on wider MN gave for hiding FWR was because the women here spent too much time arguing with each other.

It's been the disagreements on FWR from which I've learnt the most. Actually reading the opposing points of views and considering them equally. Not agreeing with everything everyone says but being forced to evaluate my own opinions and ask myself why I believe something and what I can take away from the opposing view.

Even outside of FWR - MLMs for instance. Any major news story will have knowledgeable posters to cut through the bullshit. The fact that I realise I know fuck all about dogs.

And I really like the recipes. It's only a few months till we start getting interesting gin recipes! I'm already eyeing up my rhubarb.

YetAnotherSpartacus Tue 09-Mar-21 10:02:14

I came for the feminism but the Litter Tray keeps me sane. smile

DickKerrLadies Tue 09-Mar-21 10:06:54

I must admit I do have the conception boards hidden, mainly to keep the thread titles out of my active smile And that I have nothing to offer them.

I like telly addicts.

PandoraVox Tue 09-Mar-21 10:47:37

Thoughtful and articulate Mumsnetters would be welcome to post FWR topics on my site, which is not in any way shape or form competition to Mumsnet. It’s noncommercial, and set up for any number of (editable!) comments.

Send a private message if interested. If there’s a bit of a delay in my reply it’s because I’ve stepped away from the computer to reassess my sanity.

DayBath Tue 09-Mar-21 11:37:50

This is awful, Mole as well? I just can't get over this wave of unfair bans. The contempt with which MN is treating a section of its user base is shocking.

TheChampagneGalop Tue 09-Mar-21 11:53:19

I was feeling positive earlier but yes DayBath, it is shocking. Long term members getting completely unfair deletions and bans while goady screencap tourists get second chances.

WarriorN Tue 09-Mar-21 11:56:54

Mole too? Bollocks.

ArabellaScott Tue 09-Mar-21 11:58:58

Long term members getting completely unfair deletions and bans while goady screencap tourists get second chances.


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EmbarrassingAdmissions Tue 09-Mar-21 13:06:36

But FWR is still here. That IS a victory.

Despite my intermittent bleakness, just looking at the March 9th thread - it is a victory and it is important that there is a place that is part of a mainstream parenting site.

I've no idea what the outcomes will be but it's so vital that these cases or representations to committees are happening although I'll be interested to see what the mainstream coverage of them is (might depend on their outcomes).

AskingQuestionsAllTheTime Tue 09-Mar-21 13:40:52

Maybe we don't notice deletions and bans so much when they happen to people we don't know?

ErrolTheDragon Tue 09-Mar-21 13:59:12

I'm sure some people do just disappear without trace, if they don't have alternative means of getting in touch.

But as I've said before, it's like cutting the heads off a hydra. Every time there's one of these Twitter-driven disruptions, it seems to lead to quite a lot of delurking and more women resolving to add their voices.

Helleofabore Tue 09-Mar-21 14:01:16

I have noticed this a lot this past month or two Errol. Women finding their voices and will not be put back in their box.

DayBath Tue 09-Mar-21 14:03:18

Presumably bans are based on IP address so I suspect some of the regulars may reinvent themselves and come back via the use of VPN apps. Not that I would endorse such a thing of course, but in theory that's all it takes isn't it?

DayBath Tue 09-Mar-21 14:04:19

It's made me wonder if some of these new voices are actually just old voices reincarnated, if you see what I mean.

ErrolTheDragon Tue 09-Mar-21 14:15:42

I think the delurkers are as they say - women who've quietly read the arguments on both sides but who don't necessarily feel articulate enough to post, or wary of falling foul of some subtlety they're not aware of.

WoolOfBat Tue 09-Mar-21 14:38:31

I hope the tide is changing, it has just gone too far with the craziness.

Some posters may name change though. I am fairly new (a few months) but actually already on my first name change. I got worried after the OP with the Twitter story and multiple threads.

I cannot believe that Cara and Mole are gone, it makes me quite upset.

EmbarrassingAdmissions Tue 09-Mar-21 14:50:35


Presumably bans are based on IP address so I suspect some of the regulars may reinvent themselves and come back via the use of VPN apps. Not that I would endorse such a thing of course, but in theory that's all it takes isn't it?

Secret Service does not comment and all that but there are probably MAC #s involved (which can't be changed) because otherwise VPNs etc. would circumvent this all too readily.

PotholeParadies Tue 09-Mar-21 14:58:03

I loved Mole's posts. She's searingly clever.

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