Are there any GC feminists who work in HR or similar here?

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Alonelonelyloner Mon 01-Mar-21 18:07:00


ArabellaScott Mon 01-Mar-21 14:55:55

- I do a bit of HR stuff but not formally/qualified.

ArabellaScott Mon 01-Mar-21 14:55:27

I know! It's hard. Just be cautious about sharing identifying details if it would get you in trouble.

HermioneWeasley Mon 01-Mar-21 14:53:27


Nilbog Mon 01-Mar-21 14:51:07

Thanks Arabella. I tried to convey that in my post (obviously not very well) and why I didn’t include any details of the event.

Of course, if someone pipes up I won’t really know whether they are who they say they are but I will recognise the regular posters and can advance search if necessary.

I appreciate your sentiment, if you have any tips on how I can connect with others who have similar views, I’d welcome them.

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ArabellaScott Mon 01-Mar-21 14:13:44

Just sounding a wee note of caution, OP. Lots of gc feminists here, yes, but not everyone on this board (or watching it) is in good faith.

Nilbog Mon 01-Mar-21 13:39:18

I am very aware of some of the lurkers on these boards so I’d like to find a way of connecting with others who work in the HR profession who I can talk with safely.

There is a particular event that I’d like to talk about but also in more general terms, what’s going on with policies and behaviours in various organisations.

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