The most ambitious pronouns I’ve seen!

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risefromyourgrave Fri 26-Feb-21 07:54:28

Was just reading an article about trans visibility in modelling and saw this, I am impressed by their self belief!

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Theunamedcat Fri 26-Feb-21 07:57:17

God? Wow

nauticant Fri 26-Feb-21 08:49:14

This could be positive. What we might be seeing is a shift in usage:
reality -> identity -> brand/injoke -> meaningless label -> unfashionable.

It shows that pronouns being used as identity markers is evolving.

PotholeParadies Fri 26-Feb-21 08:56:34

I think we need standardisation of format and what x/x/x means

For example she/her/hers is a requested subject pronoun, object pronoun and possessive pronoun.

she kicks the ball
I saw her
The book is hers

Surely they and God aren't requested object and possessive, respectively?

That would give us:

she kicks the ball
I saw they
The book is God

They must all be alternate subject pronouns?

LeopardFever Fri 26-Feb-21 09:07:37

An ironic joke, hopefully.

risefromyourgrave Fri 26-Feb-21 10:06:50

Unfortunately not Leopard, this was in Gay Times and was a full article about a trans modelling agency, so I imagine God was talking absolutely earnestly. Who’d have thought that Gay Times would be the New Testament?

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TinCanCollector Fri 26-Feb-21 10:18:51

I hope everyone who is forced to state preferred pronouns chooses ones that are totally random and out there.

I work in the NHS and these requests to state pronouns on emails and during introductions at the start of meetings are creeping in more and more, I will look forward to the day when some of the doctors where I work who are really pushing this, have to refer to me as God. There will be more formal grievances for using wrong pronouns than the NHS can handle.

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