Why wasn't he sent to prison?

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tenlittlecygnets Thu 25-Feb-21 21:33:59

Anthony Clarke stalked his own girlfriend and terrified her: https://apple.news/ATP0aMU0WTFCXx1l2wOB80ww_

Why on Earth wasn't he sent to prison? Awful man.

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PotholeParadies Thu 25-Feb-21 22:34:28

An incredibly wicked man.

Covid might be playing a part in that. I don't have a share token, but you can get the gist from the first couple of paragraphs.


By my calculations, when she was 18 and they began the relationship, he was 30.

I wonder what stories his previous exes could tell.

PotholeParadies Thu 25-Feb-21 22:36:21

He can't have just suddenly morphed into such a sinister manipulative person at 29.

tenlittlecygnets Thu 25-Feb-21 22:46:05

No, I agree. Big age gap - and then he acts like that?

The red flags of jealousy and control were there right from the start. Poor woman.

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happinessischocolate Thu 25-Feb-21 23:24:26

Because the prisons are full up of drug dealers and drug producers, there's no room left for the burglars and stalkers.

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