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Depressingly amusing cartoon

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WisestIsShe Tue 23-Feb-21 13:03:46

Saw this in The Critic and thought of this board.

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ErrolTheDragon Tue 23-Feb-21 13:12:19

Yep, that's how the gender pay gap works, obviously!

Here's another cartoon for lunchtime levity:

RoyalCorgi Tue 23-Feb-21 13:22:27

Thanks, Errol - I do love Jesus and Mo. That one hits the nail on the head. I see at least one person is predictably offended in the comments.

RoyalCorgi Tue 23-Feb-21 13:22:51

I like the OP's one too!

nauticant Tue 23-Feb-21 13:27:11

More satire from a thread earlier on:

alwayslucky Tue 23-Feb-21 14:15:12

I liked the one with a woman saying "And that is the end of the news. I hand you over to my male colleague, who will now read autocue far more expensively"

Vargas Tue 23-Feb-21 14:18:02

Love that OP. So true.

CoffeeTeaChocolate Tue 23-Feb-21 16:28:11

I am amazed about the comment that the Jesus and Mo cartoon is accused of making fun of non-binary people and that some people are so offended.

They are actually complaining about a joke targeting non-binary people in a cartoon of the prophet Mohammed?? But otherwise that cartoon is fine and dandy??

I think that they should go to the Middle East and continue that discussion. I am sure that there are many people there who might have strong views. I think that they might be in for an interesting discussion.

ErrolTheDragon Tue 23-Feb-21 16:45:55

It's not Mohammad, it's a body double... But yes, I rather suspect the creator of those cartoons is well aware they're tweaking the tail of some of the types who are skeptical of religions but have oddly bought genderism hook, line and sinker.

CoffeeTeaChocolate Tue 23-Feb-21 17:01:10

I didn’t know it was a body double. However, that didn’t stop someone who endorsed it to receive death threats.

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