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Lesbian and Gay News have opened their site

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MaudTheInvincible Fri 19-Feb-21 21:22:19

After the Boyz Magazine debacle, the new magazine have launched their website. I wish them all the success in the world wine

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OvaHere Fri 19-Feb-21 21:39:29

I've just spent some time reading articles. There's a real mixture of stuff that should have broad appeal. I've just finished reading an author interview with Chris Bryant, a Labour MP who has written a book about gay MPs at the commencement of WW2. Something which I knew nothing about.

Nice site design too. Has a retro feel.

endofthelinefinally Fri 19-Feb-21 21:43:24

I am an old straight woman but I would buy it, because it looks really good and to support them.

risefromyourgrave Fri 19-Feb-21 22:26:09

I’ve just had a brief read, it looks great, a lot of fascinating articles.

Mollyollydolly Fri 19-Feb-21 22:29:10

It's great. Grown up, retro feel, good articles. I wish them every success in the world.

dyslek Fri 19-Feb-21 22:30:03

Wow, this magasine is great. They're not pulling any punches are they. Fantastic.

endofthelinefinally Fri 19-Feb-21 22:30:18

Is it an actual magazine or just a website?

OvaHere Fri 19-Feb-21 22:43:36

Just a website as far as I know.

Stealhsquirrelnutkin Fri 19-Feb-21 22:52:47

I've been trying to sign up for a subscription but the confirm and pay button wasn't working. I tried using a different browser but had the same problem. Perhaps they are working on the site? Has anyone else managed to subscribe? I'll have another go tomorrow. So delighted to finally have a Lesbian and gay news source that is for normal people.

endofthelinefinally Fri 19-Feb-21 22:54:35

Oh. I quite like an actual magazine. Handy to leave around the house.

NonCisWoman Sat 20-Feb-21 00:05:17

It's great! Well done to all involved thanks

Whatsnewpussyhat Sat 20-Feb-21 00:19:40


Socrates11 Sat 20-Feb-21 01:21:05

Excellent 👍

DeRigueurMortis Sat 20-Feb-21 02:12:18

It's really good!

I'll be checking in regularly - really great content grin

NiceGerbil Sat 20-Feb-21 03:00:52

I enjoyed the pieces by bev Jackson, James Dreyfus and about dating online as a lesbian.

I haven't read the others yet.

The bev Jackson piece. She has been fighting for gay/ lesbian rights for 50 years. 50 years!

How is a woman like her a homophobe, bigot etc which I'm sure she would be called.

James Dreyfuss a gay man. Work a great career in TV playing gay men. Although it was a bit weird in thin blue line when he was trying to get off with the (in those days?) Wpc...


I don't understand at all how. Loads of the women on this board are old school lefty feminists. How the people who say those who are ??? about redefining our sex class- half the world population- who have been and continued to be exploited, oppressed etc the world over. Are nothing more than a feeling a man has. And that women disagree we are, essentially. Evil.

And loads of women agree with that :/

Anyway good luck to the new publication.

Bluebell798 Sat 20-Feb-21 05:54:14

Thanks so much for this. Have read a few articles already. The interview with Sheila Jeffreys is great; I'm going to order her autobiography.

FindTheTruth Sat 20-Feb-21 06:58:49

Nice website. Loads to see at a glance about our upside down world
Bev Jackson is so reasonable and lovely - how could anyone abuse her or any of the people on there?

PenguindreamsofDraco Sat 20-Feb-21 08:58:59

It's a really good read, loads of interesting articles.

Mycatismadeofstringcheese Sat 20-Feb-21 09:29:52

Wow some great articles.

I love that the GLA got started because Bev Jackson “had already bought her train ticket”. I can hear that in an Alan Bennett Talking Heads episode.

JustTurtlesAllTheWayDown Sat 20-Feb-21 11:21:35

Oh my. It looks fantastic. I've only read James Dreyfus' article so far but there's so much on there!
With this and my Radical Notion magazine arriving, I've got a tremendously satisfying stack of new GC reading material on hand this weekend.

Dalyesque Sat 20-Feb-21 11:27:56

justturtles do you have a contact for Radical notion? I subscribed to online version but haven’t seen it yet.

Abhannmor Sat 20-Feb-21 12:24:13

Nice clear simple layout. Lots of intelligent content. Hope they do well.

Jux Sat 20-Feb-21 18:33:27

I've subscribed on principal; but now I've also read a few of the articles. They are clear, informative and interesting so I'm quids in!

Hepsie Sat 20-Feb-21 18:36:15

Looks fab.

Wandawomble Sun 21-Feb-21 03:51:34


After the Boyz Magazine debacle, the new magazine have launched their website. I wish them all the success in the world wine


Fantastic! Every article is a winner!

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