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How many women (or men) identify as cisgender?

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hallouminatus Wed 17-Feb-21 21:02:03

On another forum, I said "Most women don't identify as cisgender, and many feel that describing them as such is disrespectful". Someone has asked me for evidence of this. I think it's probably true, but I haven't seen any statistics or even estimates of numbers. I'm interested in any evidence or arguments which would either support or refute my statement.

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AlwaysColdHands Wed 17-Feb-21 21:03:35

Not me 😊

HoneysuckIejasmine Wed 17-Feb-21 21:04:44

I think most women don't know what cisgender even means.

I think, but have no evidence for, that most women who do know what it means either (a) don't much care or (b) are insulted. I think the women who happily describe themselves this way, fully understanding the implications, are not a majority I've, but may be among different age profiles.

HoneysuckIejasmine Wed 17-Feb-21 21:05:37

... are not a majority overall, but may be among...

MichelleScarn Wed 17-Feb-21 21:05:38

Not me!

tilder Wed 17-Feb-21 21:05:52

I don't.

I would suspect most don't know what it means or why it is used.

Fatandfifty49 Wed 17-Feb-21 21:08:01

Isn't CIS what you are born with? If so, then yes

Enidblyton1 Wed 17-Feb-21 21:11:45

I have no idea what you’re talking about. I honestly think the majority of people wouldn’t either.

Trunkysbun Wed 17-Feb-21 21:13:09

I'm pretty laid back ... but if I was referred to as a CIS woman I would be offended as fuck!

Biscuitsanddoombar Wed 17-Feb-21 21:13:17

Nope! I’m not a subset of woman because there’s only way to be a woman and that’s to be born a human female

bluebluediary Wed 17-Feb-21 21:13:18

Female or woman. I don't need any other description, thanks and would strongly object to anyone calling me cis.

BolloxtoGender Wed 17-Feb-21 21:13:38

Most women don’t know what cisgender means, how disrespectful to assume the gender of and misgender a woman.

GoldenBlue Wed 17-Feb-21 21:14:07

I very strongly do not identify as CIS gender and would feel insulted if called CIS.

I am not a subclass of women, alongside men. I am a woman. It does not need any qualifier

Sidesaladofchips Wed 17-Feb-21 21:14:15

I am a woman plain and simple. Born and bred. Sorry not signing up for these ridiculous made up terms.

AmethystMoonShine Wed 17-Feb-21 21:16:19

No I donor used cis woman. Plain woman thank you.

amy85 Wed 17-Feb-21 21:16:22

Nope never and would be offended to be referred as a cis woman

AmethystMoonShine Wed 17-Feb-21 21:16:41

Don’t not bloody donor ffs! 🤦‍♀️

gingercatsarebest Wed 17-Feb-21 21:16:45

I do not identify as cis And I object to being called cis

FrancesGumm Wed 17-Feb-21 21:16:56

Same as GoldenBlue. I am a woman, an adult human female. I don’t want to be referred to as cisgender.

RufustheSniggeringReindeer Wed 17-Feb-21 21:17:57

No one i know has ever referred to themselves or anyone else as cis

The one exception to this would be the mother of a trans child who might possibly use it but again ive never heard her say it

Blibbyblobby Wed 17-Feb-21 21:18:51

Nope. Deeply offensive to me. Denies my experience and self-knowledge and replaces them with the definition of women created by men.

corlan Wed 17-Feb-21 21:21:02

I'd be amazed if most women had ever heard the term 'cisgender.' Most women don't ' identify' as anything. Unfortunately, this is one of the reasons that trans rights activists have made such gains - most women have very little idea that the category of 'woman' has been widened to include any man that 'identifies' as a woman.

WeeBisom Wed 17-Feb-21 21:23:12

Cis gender means your gender identity matches your sex. The genderbread person graphic (used to teach people about trans identity, you can see it at says that gender identity means where you are in terms of “manness” and “womanness” with facets of gender identity including personality traits, hobbies, jobs , likes , dislikes . As an example they say that women are caring , kind , like children, and like to work as nurses or teachers. Men are logical, strong, leaders who like to work in the military or as engineers. So, with all this in mind, no I’m not cis. I don’t think my gender identity is “woman” if woman is defined in such a stereotypical way. I know we are supposed to accept that “cis” just means natal female or not trans, but if you look at the stonewall definitions it seems to be much more than that. You have to have the “woman” gender identity and it has to “match” your sex. I find this whole concept of my personality having to match to be sexist guff.

BolloxtoGender Wed 17-Feb-21 21:27:29

What absolute contrived rubbish Genderbread and Atonewall definitions are. Absolutely no resemblance to reality, and they teach this rubbish to children, no wonder they are confused.

WhoWants2Know Wed 17-Feb-21 21:27:48

I certainly do not identify as cisgender because gender is bullshit. I am a biological female.

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