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My Name Is Anna. I've been called a terf - is the BBC starting to permit open discussion?

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nauticant Mon 08-Feb-21 08:38:49

On at 11 this morning (Monday) on Radio 4:

My Name Is Anna. I've been called a terf

My Name Is...Anna is branded a terf – a byword for transphobia. She rejects the label and goes in search of solutions to some of the thorny issues around trans inclusion.

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Violetparis Mon 08-Feb-21 08:48:21

Thanks, will listen to this.

334bu Mon 08-Feb-21 08:48:53


LizzieSiddal Mon 08-Feb-21 08:54:59

Thank will listen

Tibtom Mon 08-Feb-21 09:02:16

Anne has been called a witch, we think she is one but for balance we are going to let her try to prove her innocence while we light the fire beneath her.

WinterIsGone Mon 08-Feb-21 09:29:50

Is it related to this thread?

LizzieSiddal Mon 08-Feb-21 09:48:40

The BBC have even let the fabulous Selina Todd on this mornings Start The Week. She's talking about her day job- Empire and Class.

nauticant Mon 08-Feb-21 11:03:05

Here we go, let's see whether Radio 4 lets Anna have the freedom to give a reasonable and rational account of what's happening.

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nauticant Mon 08-Feb-21 11:07:12

Ahh, it seems you were right about that particular dissertation WinterIsGone, well spotted.

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KindKylie Mon 08-Feb-21 11:10:25

Listening now - really hopeful this will be a balanced and helpful discussion

AbsintheFriends Mon 08-Feb-21 11:11:46

I missed the first couple of minutes. Did they set out that the argument is around what a woman is? That 'T**fs' are women who maintain that a woman has is a clear biological category, an adult human female? It seems to have gone into examples of abuse quite quickly and I wonder if it's clear that women are being abused for saying that women are XX adult human females. That's the extent of the 'controversy'.

yetmorenamechanging Mon 08-Feb-21 11:12:01

OMG I'm in utter shock about this! It's amazing to hear this on the BBC.

nauticant Mon 08-Feb-21 11:15:12

It actually started with Anna reading out how the word TERF is used on twitter by threatening men AbsintheFriends.

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BoreOfWhabylon Mon 08-Feb-21 11:20:12

This is going out on 'mainstream' Radio 4 , not Woman's Hour. I do hope that it is made clear that the vast majority of transwomen retain their male genitalia - this is not realised by most people who have not followed the debate closely.

nauticant Mon 08-Feb-21 11:21:47

Not so far BoreOfWhabylon but it's making clear that most retain their male voices.

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BitMuch Mon 08-Feb-21 11:22:34

OU professor SG Chappell did a great job at NAMALTing . . .

Said "I pass myself if I don't speak". Photographed here

BoreOfWhabylon Mon 08-Feb-21 11:24:18

nauticant grin

NeedToKnow101 Mon 08-Feb-21 11:26:39

It's literally the world's gone mad. I can't bear it.

nauticant Mon 08-Feb-21 11:27:15

This explanation of why "people who can get pregnant" is the best way to go shows up the nonsense nicely.

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Helmetbymidnight Mon 08-Feb-21 11:28:00

I'm unimpressed.

nauticant Mon 08-Feb-21 11:29:44

This segment is a good illustration of Orwell's "Some ideas are so stupid that only an intellectual could believe them".

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CuriousaboutSamphire Mon 08-Feb-21 11:29:46

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

BoreOfWhabylon Mon 08-Feb-21 11:29:51

The couple really are (inadvertently) making our case for us.

CuriousaboutSamphire Mon 08-Feb-21 11:31:42

I just listened to her end with "... and that's a positive thing"

But what that was escaped me... help!?!?!

BoreOfWhabylon Mon 08-Feb-21 11:31:43

Barely scratched the surface but I suppose it's a start.

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