Labour MP for Leeds says he OPPOSES single-sex spaces

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PotholeParadies Thu 04-Feb-21 20:58:36

This was the question:

Do you agree that there should be sex-segregated facilities for women in hospitals, schools, refuges and prisons?

Alex Sobel, Labour MP for Leed NW said: No.

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334bu Thu 04-Feb-21 21:05:20

Absolutely appalling I cross posted this. Have asked for mine to be removed.

yourhairiswinterfire Thu 04-Feb-21 21:07:28


Answering no so bluntly to that question-especially the refuge and prison part, tells us everything we need to know. Everything.

PaleBlueMoonlight Thu 04-Feb-21 21:08:27

There is also an AIBU on this.

Biscuitsanddoombar Thu 04-Feb-21 21:08:47

Google says He’s been banging the drum about this for sometime - parliamentary questions, articles, interviews

And yet as a married father of two he knew exactly what a woman was when he wanted to marry & have children

So as always one wonders why he’s quite so ‘committed’ to the cause 🤔

Wearywithteens Thu 04-Feb-21 21:10:09

Just blatant unapologetic women hating. He’ll never be a vulnerable woman at risk in these places so he doesn’t give a flying shit. Just pimping for the woke vote. What does that tell you about his integrity? He has none.

Tibtom Thu 04-Feb-21 21:12:26

Leaving transideology aside. Is he really saying he thinks prisons should be completely mixed? Men and women sharing cells?


Thelnebriati Thu 04-Feb-21 21:14:32

It sounds like it.

NiceGerbil Thu 04-Feb-21 21:19:39

Well that's what he said.

I mean fucking hell what a bastard.

And mixed communal changing in schools for swimming etc

What the hell is he thinking?

AreYouBernard Thu 04-Feb-21 21:20:25

Women don’t forget things like this. He needs the votes of women more than the University students that he’s courting

Gcnq Thu 04-Feb-21 21:22:48

How has it become "woke" to hate women? How did this happen?

persistentwoman Thu 04-Feb-21 21:23:27

Leeds again. What is about Leeds, misogyny and creepy men?

GCAcademic Thu 04-Feb-21 21:23:56

Ah, Labour’s very own Christopher Chope.

TheCountessofFitzdotterel Thu 04-Feb-21 21:25:20

What a creep.

LoungeLizardLhama Thu 04-Feb-21 21:25:37

And as if his original tweet wasn’t bad enough, he’s doubling down on it as well. Absolute disgrace. To think he has an actual adult human female wife.

Barracker Thu 04-Feb-21 21:27:20


So then, like Saudi Arabia, where women don't get to decide who they can freely associate with because it's up to men to decide for them. And men get to be enforced guardians of women, whether women object or not.

Only worse.

Because at least Saudi men ALLOW some female only space.

And, you know, he's stated he objects to existing legal women's rights in the UK. He objects to the current law.

I wonder what he'd like to see in terms of punishment for women who dare to defy him and continue to create female only places?

MichelleofzeResistance Thu 04-Feb-21 21:31:10

Rampant gynephobic bigot.

PartyofPun Thu 04-Feb-21 21:32:00

Hard drive check time.

PickleC Thu 04-Feb-21 21:33:51

I don't know what would be worse.

That he has so little empathy and no ability to think through what mixed sex spaces actually mean for safety and dignity or that he knows damn well and really couldn't care less. Either way the lives of women and girls appear to warrant zero thought or consideration. Lesser beings. Know your place.

MrsWooster Thu 04-Feb-21 21:34:27

We are going to be governed by tories for ever. This is a fucking disaster. Keir Starmer needs to climb down off the fence and sort this shit out, or check if there’s space back at the CPS for when he’s unemployable along with the rest of the party.

Sulkywoman Thu 04-Feb-21 21:34:53

My mp who has clearly taken no notice of my regular educational emails on these topics. He has stopped even trying to reply. Labour is in the bin, if they think they can ignore the votes of women. Never again.

yourhairiswinterfire Thu 04-Feb-21 21:35:16


And as if his original tweet wasn’t bad enough, he’s doubling down on it as well. Absolute disgrace. To think he has an actual adult human female wife.

Ah yes, wanting female victims of male abuse to have a safe space away from males to try and recover, and thinking vulnerable women in prison don't deserve to be LOCKED UP with rapists is sooo bigoted.

The state of his attitude, what a disgrace.

TurnsOutIQuit Thu 04-Feb-21 21:37:10

Leeds is full of disgusting misogyny, from the top down.

ErrolTheDragon Thu 04-Feb-21 21:41:06

But there is evidence on mixed sex facilities being less safe, more prone to voyeurism etc than single. Is he ignorant or lying?

PotholeParadies Thu 04-Feb-21 21:41:48


Absolutely appalling I cross posted this. Have asked for mine to be removed.


It's good that lots of us are noticing.

That woman who asked is an absolute heroine to phrase it so clearly and bluntly. He's nailed his colours clearly to the mast now.

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