Another public statement on puberty blockers

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MondayYogurt Sat 30-Jan-21 20:23:26

A youtuber has announced being trans.

In the statement the youtuber asserts "*trans children can't get life-saving puberty blockers, which are reversible".*

This person is a philosophy youtuber.

This person has over 200k followers on twitter and 832k on youtube.

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Defaultname Sat 30-Jan-21 20:39:45

MondayYogurt@ "This person is a philosophy youtuber"

It's 'tuber'.

"Tubers are enlarged structures in some plant species used as storage organs for nutrients...The term originates from Latin tuber, meaning "lump, bump, swelling"."

Love the bit about "I may be only an actress, but I'm very much a feminist 'cause of society's pressures on us women". There's a limerick there...

DanielODonkey Sat 30-Jan-21 20:49:29

Why actress? I thought "actor" was the accepted gender neutral title for men and women?

I'm really quite taken aback by the fact that within the announcement that they are trans, this person has immediately appropriated the long history of women fighting for their rights to vote, be seen as people and not property of men and all that feminists have fought for over the last hundred years.

I can't even explain how divisive they are being wrt accessibility to HRT and IVF - you don't turn up at a GP and get medication handed out like sweeties but their inference is that "cis" women do and therefore trans women should get the same treatment. Waiting for years for treatment is unfortunately the norm for getting IVF and it's not always easy to get taken seriously for HRT.

And I've never heard of this person. So their insistence that they are the most well known transgender person in the UK seems rather exaggerated.

Winesalot Sat 30-Jan-21 20:59:47

Well... that didn’t read like someone who loves women very much. Like. At all! Rather eye popping the appropriation of the suffrage movement. Absolutely tone deaf.

nauticant Sat 30-Jan-21 21:25:28

Wikipedia keeping an edit record of people's previous Wikipedia entries is one of the worst deadnaming sites on the Internet. It's going to be interesting to see what Wikipedia does to solve this problem.

MummBraTheEverLeaking Sat 30-Jan-21 21:27:35

I just saw that on twitter as it was trending. I haven't the foggiest who they are (an actress apparently on their own statement). That riled me up. Could have just said I'm a transwoman now, please respect my decision, love to you all, bye for now.

But no. Dig after dig after dig at women and how we're all hateful and nasty "wealthy cis women tweeting about toilets" and how us pesky women are taking trans' 'life saving' surgeries away for a bit of a back ache. One massive, vitriol infused vindictive diatribe aimed directly at women so everyone seeing them trend gets to read how we're all such fucking baddies.

Then throws in a bloody courage calls quote.

Fucking hell 🤬

Greenmarmalade Sat 30-Jan-21 21:30:40

I’d be really interested to see how much campaigning/ work they did for feminism before presenting as female. As they’re such a dedicated feminist, with such a valuable platform, I’d hope lots.


unwashedanddazed Sat 30-Jan-21 21:32:16

Almost every assertion in that statement is an outright, debunked falsehood. To then finish by appropriating the women's suffrage movement goes to show the absolute vacuum at the heart of this ideology.

Winesalot Sat 30-Jan-21 21:33:36

The entitlement is strong.

Maladicta Sat 30-Jan-21 21:36:32

Googled to find out who this ‘incredibly famous’ person is or was, still none the wiser. Nasty, bitter little rant though.

nauticant Sat 30-Jan-21 21:38:23

"There has never been a trans MP" is the kind of claim someone makes who only judges on appearances. They need to work on their soul-gazing™ capability.

WhatstheTruthRuth Sat 30-Jan-21 21:39:50

Right as my other posting on the thread about this person got zapped within 5 minutes of me posting on it angry Here’s a link to this person’s dissection of transphobia that they posted a year or two ago before they came out. I just watched it again and am as irritated by it as I was the first time I watched it.

I’ve always found this person’s delivery to be like that of an end-of-the-pier hypnotist ‘Look in my eyes, look in my eyes’ or a frustrated actor who’s doing shit gigs to get their Equity card. I love the way they deign to impart their ‘knowledge’ in such a specious manner. You Tube has given them a platform to be an insufferable know-all. I’ve no idea what the basis for their ‘expertise’ in philosophy is?

Abigail’s transition doesn’t appear to have affected their ability to talk out their arse.

Greenmarmalade Sat 30-Jan-21 21:39:54

How would they know if an mp was trans?

RufustheSniggeringReindeer Sat 30-Jan-21 21:40:11

Where’d the other thread go?

Not in the (never defined) spirit? Or did it go pear shaped

FemaleAndLearning Sat 30-Jan-21 21:40:20

Using the suffragettes in that statement was both ridiculous and riling. I too would be interested in all the feminist work they did before becoming transgender. Agree with others no idea who they were talk about bigging yourself up!
I wish I was rich and had time to care about toilets so much but I'm more concerned with the definition of woman, women's prisons, women's sports, women's rights to have a female for intimate care or medical needs and preventing children from harm.

newyearnewname123 Sat 30-Jan-21 21:40:40

Honestly, watch the video, it makes the rant into a kind of weird performance art.

RufustheSniggeringReindeer Sat 30-Jan-21 21:40:42


Crossed there

newyearnewname123 Sat 30-Jan-21 21:42:29

And also, I don't understand how someone can claim to be a woman when they have such obvious dislike of women.

Impatiens Sat 30-Jan-21 21:42:35

Sounds like an attention-seeking idiot. Claims to be a 'feminist' then talks only about trans 'rights' and entitlement.

AskingQuestionsAllTheTime Sat 30-Jan-21 21:45:13

In the IMDb Oliver Thorn is an actor with four or five credits to his name, Maladicta. Two of those are the Philosophy Tube TV series, so I assume it's the same person.

Winesalot Sat 30-Jan-21 21:45:46


Where’d the other thread go?

Not in the (never defined) spirit? Or did it go pear shaped

It disappeared. There was at least one person stating the statement was strong and righteous so I guess it was reported.

Barracker Sat 30-Jan-21 21:48:15

What utter narcissistic bullshit.

"Diabetics get insulin for free, but I and my healthy body are discriminated against waaaah"

The key to hormone replacement is that you are replacing a deficit of hormone that your own body would naturally produce.
My ovaries failing at 40 means I replace oestrogen to the level my female body would have produced, were it healthy, at my age. I take it to prevent osteoporosis and prevent heart disease associated with early menopause. It stopped the vaginal atrophy, telegen effluvium, UTI susceptibility and various other physiological problems in their tracks. I also take progesterone. You know, to prevent the uterine cancer that taking unopposed oestrogen would cause.

For a bloke to whine that he can't have for his male body what I need medically to preserve the physical health of my female body is the epitome of male entitlement. Nuts.

Oh, and it took two years of suffering physically before my endocrinologist finally concluded that yep, my ovaries had sputtered out and I needed replacement pronto.

katienana Sat 30-Jan-21 21:48:55

The only surgery they need is to remove their head from their arse. As someone who received a breast reduction on the NHS I had back pain for more than 20 years. I couldn't run, I couldn't buy a bra on the high Street, I could go on. How egocentric can you get, complaining that the world doesn't bend over backwards to accommodate your desires but at the same time dismissing other peoples pain!

TheLetterZ Sat 30-Jan-21 21:51:47

It was the language used in the post that wound me up

Cis-women want HRT, trans women need it.
Trans men die before getting breast reduction while cis women get it for backache.

It downplays every woman’s struggle to access much needed health care.

Plus the unproven and probably untrue statement that puberty blockers reversible.

WeeBisom Sat 30-Jan-21 21:53:10

I’ve always thought that Thorne was insufferable - so much like “that guy” in philosophy who never stops mansplaining. So, Thorne has always wanted to be an actor ... sorry, actress , and he did a philosophy masters cos he got rejected from acting school ( I am of course relaying the story from when he still was a dude, hence the male pronouns.) His videos are very poor quality - I would never recommend my students watch them.

Anyway, Thorne did some pretty funny interviews over the years. I really enjoyed the one where he said that philosophy was male, pale and stale and his philosophy channel was changing all that. Wow a white posh dude talking about philosophy? So different! He has no teaching experience, of course. His most popular video was about being a victim of domestic abuse as a male.

Thorne also wrote this hilarious letter to the royal association of philosophers huffing and puffing that they had the audacity to let Kathleen stock do a key note speech at their conference! He pointed out that he has sooooo many YouTube viewers, so they really should listen to him and ban that nasty woman from talking!

Here’s my view. When Abigail was a middle class white male, they were boring. Let’s face it - being a dude in philosophy is not exactly innovative. And when they talked about nasty feminists it was ... well... a bit gross coming from a guy. But now Abigail is the most oppressed brand of women and can happily unleash excessive amounts of invective at “non trans women” who are oppressing them by rolling around in hrt pills and laughing. They also have magically transformed their YouTube channel into something fresh and exciting. It’s no longer a posh guy droning on about philosophy but a woman! It really is a fantastically canny career move - how fortuitous that Thorne was always a woman all along! Oh and if you want a laugh - the Wikipedia page says that Abigail went to an all boys school, a truly remarkable feat.

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