Innocent drinks

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Biscuitsanddoombar Fri 29-Jan-21 14:20:36

So another brand proves that they’re not keen on women having thoughts

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Biscuitsanddoombar Fri 29-Jan-21 14:20:56

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jerriblank Fri 29-Jan-21 14:21:38

How embarrassing for them.

Wearywithteens Fri 29-Jan-21 14:25:33

Innocent makes company decisions based on the opinions of some random who can’t distinguish the difference between to and too.

UppityPuppity Fri 29-Jan-21 14:28:11

Thanks for posting - will remember to avoid buying their produce from now on - inc if they apologise/resins which they won’t

Spineless AHs.

Gibbonsgibbonsgibbons Fri 29-Jan-21 14:28:24

Surely if ever a ratio says “shut up” to the marketing team it’s that one?

SunsetBeetch Fri 29-Jan-21 14:30:05

Oh I've just been to the supermarket and nearly bought some of their smoothies as they were on special offer, but went for Morrison's own instead. Go me!


SunsetBeetch Fri 29-Jan-21 14:35:24

Looks like Maggie gained some followers, and Innocent lasy some business. Great result. Well done "leftist rage", well done.

SunsetBeetch Fri 29-Jan-21 14:35:58

*lost not whatever lasy means hmm

NorthernIrishFeminist Fri 29-Jan-21 14:38:21

FS another item added to the do not buy list. DS is going to have to make his own smoothies now - home made are probably better for him..

Rubidium Fri 29-Jan-21 14:40:05

I've never been able to get past their 'wackaging'.

SunsetBeetch Fri 29-Jan-21 14:41:06

James Kirkup has noticed too. Oh dear, Innocent.

"In which a prominent business defames a retired teacher and humanist celebrant because of a baseless tweet from an anonymous account. Shameful, and illustrative of why companies entrusting their reputation to social media teams are taking big, silly risks."

(Sorry I'll stop spamming this thread now.)

Gibbonsgibbonsgibbons Fri 29-Jan-21 14:45:22

Haha <gets popcorn> Kirkup & Maggie may be the dream team grin

UppityPuppity Fri 29-Jan-21 14:46:54


Thanks for posting the JK (not that one!) link. I just saw this from it - they have history!

Two JK’s to love!

BaronessWrongCrowd Fri 29-Jan-21 14:50:35

Not going too well for Innocent. I'm not in Twatter but ours will be another household that no longer purchases anything from that brand.

EdgeOfACoin Fri 29-Jan-21 14:53:21

Hmm. We've been buying Innocent with our weekly shop for the last year or so.

Perhaps worth looking at alternatives.

BraveBananaBadge Fri 29-Jan-21 14:55:45

Ten followers! The witchfinder they kowtowed to has... ten followers??!

OvaHere Fri 29-Jan-21 15:01:21

Why on earth don't they just ignore those tweets? There's no law that says they have to respond to every random that @'s them. Most of these brands certainly have no issue ignoring women after all.

DrudgeJedd Fri 29-Jan-21 15:02:05

OvaHere Fri 29-Jan-21 15:04:43

And yeah I'm just about to complete an online shop for tomorrow. I usually buy the packet smoothies for the kids. Time to look for an alternate.

AradiaGC Fri 29-Jan-21 15:14:38

Oh dear. I have half a bottle in my fridge right now. It'll be the last one.

NorthernIrishFeminist Fri 29-Jan-21 15:15:54

Emailed Innocent to complain as well as removing them from my shopping list

WhatsYourNameMan Fri 29-Jan-21 15:29:16

What weird behaviour from Innocent... Did they even look into this at all or just assume she was definitely a transphobe because a random said she was?!

I have a multipack in the fridge but after that I'm done.

DialSquare Fri 29-Jan-21 15:31:04

No, I'm Barbara from Kent!

DialSquare Fri 29-Jan-21 15:32:05

Oops! Wrong thread! Barbara's will also not be buying innocent products from now on if anyone is interested!

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