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The Countess Ireland on Posies YT right now!

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Oncewasblueandyellowtwo Tue 19-Jan-21 21:24:07

Founder of "The Countess Didn't Fight for This!" Irish grassroots feminist group is on Posies YT right now.

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Melroses Tue 19-Jan-21 21:55:04

Thank you

Weatherwarning Tue 19-Jan-21 22:07:05

Thank you. It is amazing to think that if you want to use the Irish version of your name on your passport, you have to prove that you have been using it for the past two years. Yet a man can simply sign a form that they identify as a woman, and hey presto, they legally become one.
How f*cked up is that??

DaisiesandButtercups Wed 20-Jan-21 10:19:54

Thanks for posting!

PurpleHoodie Wed 20-Jan-21 11:15:53


XXSex Wed 20-Jan-21 21:14:28

Thanks for posting. I’m off to watch it now (my poor book will go unread again tonight!)

Oncewasblueandyellowtwo Thu 21-Jan-21 17:48:48

Hope you enjoyed it and bump!

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Socrates11 Thu 21-Jan-21 23:27:33

Excellent discussion. Women have the right to privacy just as much as men do! Keep prisons single sex....

ohnoitsagruffalo Thu 21-Jan-21 23:46:55

loved this discussion! thank you for posting

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