Moses demands they/them pronouns

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RoyalCorgi Mon 28-Dec-20 16:00:12

Don't know how many fans there are on here of the Jesus and Mo comic strip, but thought this might raise a smile:

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CaraDuneRedux Mon 28-Dec-20 16:01:35


ErrolTheDragon Mon 28-Dec-20 16:26:06

There are quite a lot throughout this year that I think many of you may enjoy, for various reasons. I've not looked at them for a little while but I'm a bit surprised Mo isn't onboard with the pronouns...

My favourite character is the unseen barmaid.

ArabellaScott Mon 28-Dec-20 16:39:15


ErrolTheDragon Mon 28-Dec-20 16:59:26

AwaAnBileYerHeid Mon 28-Dec-20 17:17:30


Malahaha Mon 28-Dec-20 17:34:56

Nice comment trail! smile I'm betting Acolyte of Sagan is a Mumsnetter... or has been here.


RadicalFern Tue 29-Dec-20 10:23:49

"Am I valid?"
"What are you, a voucher?!"


Gibbonsgibbonsgibbons Tue 29-Dec-20 10:42:54


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