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Melanie Dawes and Ofcom

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SheRasBra Wed 16-Dec-20 19:08:25

So how will Ofcom police social media if Melanie Dawes is taking advice from Stonewall on trans issues?

As if GC women aren't banned and suspended enough on Twitter and facebook how will this improve if Melanie Dawes is only listening to voices like those of Stonewall?

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mollscroll Wed 16-Dec-20 19:26:22

Oh I know Melanie Dawes from my days in the civil service. Didn’t register that that was her. She won’t know that Stonewall are not the organisation we once knew and trusted.

SheRasBra Wed 16-Dec-20 19:36:27

I think a little e-mailing might be in order. Maybe she doesn't realise that Stonewall have declared that one of their aims is the removal of single sex exemptions in the Equality Act?

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Yesterdaysleftovers Thu 17-Dec-20 08:49:21

A Freedom of Information request for “all the agendas, notes and minutes from meetings/ discussions with Stonewall over the last 9 months, excluding any relating to internal HR policies and issues” might get some interesting results too.

Ereshkigalangcleg Thu 17-Dec-20 08:53:52

Oh that's a good idea.

alongtimeagoandfaraway Thu 17-Dec-20 08:54:16

She should know about Stonewall. She was the civil service gender champion from 2015 and diversity and inclusion champion in 2019.

I agree an email would not go amiss

It’s entirely inappropriate for the Ofcom chief to be making pronouncements about transphobia in this way, without even defining the term.
Also wrong to take advice from just one lobbying group. Whatever happened to a broad spread of opinion? Seriously worrying that Stonewall has this level of access and influence with national regulatory bodies.

gardenbird48 Thu 17-Dec-20 09:55:53

Damian Green has had a word with her - explaining that her apparent position would include not speaking to JKR and women like her. Melanie seemed to backtrack slightly although we can't see her full response.
Emails are definitely in order and we need to know how Ofcom can possibly reconcile its obviously close Stonewall relationship with impartiality.

gardenbird48 Thu 17-Dec-20 09:57:06

oops Malcolm Clarke has made a good thread on this - show the video meeting between Damian Green (MP) and Melanie.

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