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TranSanta asking kids for personal details in exchange for coming out as trans

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OldeMagick Sat 12-Dec-20 10:45:42

Safeguarding sirens going off here. Looks like their Twitter account's been suspended but they're still active on Instagram. I've reported the account.

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InTheShadowOfTheMushroomCloud Sat 12-Dec-20 13:13:08

I saw this... it's the online equivalent of 'do you want to come and see my puppies?'...
I can't believe the person who set this up was so naive...

Quillink Sat 12-Dec-20 13:41:16

I'm willing to believe that this person has kind intent but no understanding of safeguarding. Like so much of activism aimed at children who think of themselves as trans.

OldeMagick Sat 12-Dec-20 14:33:35

My issue is the giving of gifts in exchange for certain information and the rewarding of kids for saying they're trans. It's a massive safeguarding issue.

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Siameasy Sat 12-Dec-20 16:16:56

Dodgy as hell but also internally laughing that some of the alleged eight year olds are probably adults conning the system

OldeMagick Sat 12-Dec-20 16:56:56

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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