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Random63638 Sat 12-Dec-20 07:28:05

You may not trawl the guardian sport pages for stories so I wanted to share this article that was published yesterday,
Apologies if there is already a thread but I couldn't see one. The article talks about research showing the strength advantage men have over women in sport, particularly sports requiring upper body strength. Research showed that testosterone blockers only limit advantage by 5%, whereas male advantage can be as much as 50%. The researchers call for further consideration on letting people born male competing in women's sport. I hope that this is taken forward.

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cheeseismydownfall Sat 12-Dec-20 07:46:08

*... researchers also found the biological gap between women and men is so great that 10,000 males have personal-best times that are faster than the current Olympic 100m female champion, as does the 14-year-old male schoolboy 100m record holder.

“These data overwhelmingly confirm that testosterone-driven puberty, as the driving force of development of male secondary sex characteristics, underpins sporting advantages that are so large no female could reasonably hope to succeed without sex segregation in most sporting competitions.”*

Good to see such a clear message being reported in the Guardian.

Winesalot Sat 12-Dec-20 08:31:42

This article refers to Dr Emma Hilton and Tommy Lundberg’s review. Long awaited to come out of the peer review process but has come out with some additional data so well worth it. Not that most of it was going to change since it is a review of already peer reviewed research.

Here are some other threads on the research (different articles etc). Sean Ingles is great for writing these without much kick back at all from dissenters.

Winesalot Sat 12-Dec-20 08:33:13

This is another study published this week in case anyone reading missed it.

334bu Sat 12-Dec-20 08:34:50

What a shocking result not!! Surprise is that it was reported in the Guardian

Babdoc Sat 12-Dec-20 08:37:50

Good lord! Has the Grauniad finally seen the light, or did the sports writer slip this through under the radar?
Encouraging signs of sunlight, whichever!

EdgeOfACoin Sat 12-Dec-20 08:39:58

I wonder what Owen Jones makes of it.

Winesalot Sat 12-Dec-20 08:41:06

Another if you are not familiar with where this study has already been used (unless you follow Fondofbeetles on twitter in which case you will probably seen her answer questions on all these issues)

Here is hoping the study gets even more traction.

Winesalot Sat 12-Dec-20 08:42:35

Sean ingle at the guardian is always getting these articles through though. That is the thing that is so surprising (not! A) sport and b) maybe because he is a man).

NeedToKnow101 Sat 12-Dec-20 08:53:10

Thanks OP. On a similar note, with the recent high incidences of early onset dementia in rugby coming to light, how can rugby at any level be deemed safe as mixed sex?

Winesalot Sat 12-Dec-20 08:57:06


And the clubs would already have that information about dementia and other conditions brought on by head injuries. This is what I cannot understand. They know, they also know about women’s increased risk due to more delicate fibres in the brain.

It seems to be another scandal that will mean women will be harmed and only after the policy might change...... all about centring the men.

ChazsBrilliantAttitude Sat 12-Dec-20 09:28:33

I have specifically asked the RFU about how they assessed the increased concussion risk of women having to play against trans women - more than once. I got standard form answers back. However, they can’t pretend people aren’t raising this concern.

NotBadConsidering Sat 12-Dec-20 09:32:06


Sean ingle at the guardian is always getting these articles through though. That is the thing that is so surprising (not! A) sport and b) maybe because he is a man).

Yes he does. I suspect many of the 338 cult members don’t even realise there’s a sports section.

I’ve always liked the idea there’s a secret WhatsApp group of dissidents whose aim is to sneak articles of fact, science and critical thought past the cult leaders. Hadley is group administrator of course wink.

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