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Marie Trintignant

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Celandines Wed 09-Dec-20 10:09:19

I was watching a French film yesterday and was looking up actors on wikipedia and ended up on a page about the famous French actress Marie Trintignant. She might be known on this board but I'd never heard of her. I'm so horrified by what I've read. She was seeing someone from a famous French rock band called Noir Desir and he punched her 19 times in the head. She never woke up from her coma and died 6 days later at 41, leaving behind 4 kids.
Her murderer got 8 years but only served 4! 4!
In France they have something called a crime of passion and he was annoyed she'd got a text from her ex husband. He came out of prison and returned to his rock band for a few years. It didn't affect sales, in fact they increased.
Sorry if this has been discussed before but it's new to me and I feel upset for this poor woman and how leniently her murderer was treated. sad

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Ereshkigalangcleg Wed 09-Dec-20 10:11:07

Yes I remember this case. I seem to remember a French rock magazine featured him favourably on the cover quite soon afterwards and was criticised, but it was almost unbelievable that they did it.

Kingsley08 Wed 09-Dec-20 10:25:52

I was obsessed with Noir Desir as a teenager. Absolutely loved Bertrand Cantat -thought he was a brilliant singer songwriter.

His relationship with Marie was ‘controversial’ from the start. She left the father of her youngest son for him and he left his partner and two children - one was a newborn baby. Passionate love affair but within a few months he had beaten her to death in Vilnius.

I’m certain this affected his career as Noir Desir never regrouped and I believe they are no longer played on the radio. In my hometown, when news of him playing a concert was announced, there were protests and it was eventually cancelled.

I certainly cannot listen to their music the same way. Maybe every few years I’ll listen to a few songs....I’ll never forget the court images after he was charged. It was a tiny room and he was literally sat face to face with her fourteen year old son.

When he was released and returned to France, he got back with his partner Kristina. She later hung herself at home with the two children there.

Bertrand Cantat - hero to zero in my eyes.

Celandines Wed 09-Dec-20 10:44:10

I think he was already in France when he was released as he served the prison sentence in France at the request of his lawyers

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CatsCantCatchCriminals2 Wed 09-Dec-20 10:57:39

I have just removed "Le Vent Nous Portera" off my playlist after hearing about this inadequate man. And I fucking loved that song. Luckily I don't know anything else by him.


PlantMam Wed 09-Dec-20 13:41:01


L’arsehole indeed.

Celandines Thu 10-Dec-20 08:16:56

I was reading that after having to pull out of a tour, the murderer Bertrand Cantat was complaining that he should be allowed to reintegrate and practice his profession. It's such a heinous crime though, and 4 years jail doesn't seem nearly enough for what he did.
Pleased to see that in recent years there's been a lot of protests against male violence in France and one woman being killed every 3 days. Similar figures to the UK I'd think. And Macron has spoken out against it.
The French film I was watching, (Heartbreaker/L'Arnacoeur) made in 2010 had a lot of casual violence towards women actually which I found unpalatable. So hopefully filmmakers are moving away from that.

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ArabellaScott Thu 10-Dec-20 11:58:02

Fucksake. Le Vent Nous Portera is deleted from here, too.

CatsCantCatchCriminals2 Thu 10-Dec-20 12:39:41

Sophie Hunger does a smashing version.

ArabellaScott Thu 10-Dec-20 13:37:19

Excellent, thanks Cats.

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