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Economist podcast - Keira Bell case

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BraveBananaBadge Thu 03-Dec-20 23:35:35

Some very clearheaded reporting here, I thought:

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HeelsHandbagPerfumeCoffee Fri 04-Dec-20 07:23:08

I’m always on look out for good podcast, I’ll check that out. Thanks

highame Fri 04-Dec-20 07:53:20

That's a good one. If dialogue hadn't been closed down, then I don't think the KB & Mrs A case would have been necessary. It has been a sign of weakness that 'no debate' has had to be used.

sultanasofa Fri 04-Dec-20 16:10:13

I enjoyed listening to that.

The language was refreshing. They used a term to refer to the young people who are assessed at the Tavistock that I don't think we're allowed to use, although many of us consider it more accurate than the terms we are allowed to use.

Are news outlets with a focus on business (and a more male-leaning audience?) are given more freedom to report clearly and objectively than other outlets? I can't imagine any liberal-leaning/ women-focused organisations giving such a straight account of the judgement.

Anyway, hurrah for the economist for their clear-headed reporting!

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