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Awesome article on women in sport

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FusionChefGeoff Mon 30-Nov-20 09:09:09

Hope this link works, really thought provoking but not unsurprising how women's bodies are ignored when it comes to sports science.

Jaw dropping note at the end how Ireland rugby launched their new jerseys with male rugby stars to promote the male version but female MODELS rather than players for the ladies shirts. angry

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SeasonallySnowyPeasant Mon 30-Nov-20 09:14:32

Great article (the link works fine).

ErrolTheDragon Mon 30-Nov-20 09:15:20

Good piece , thanks!

MichelleofzeResistance Mon 30-Nov-20 09:30:26

Lovely article, so rare you hear female bodies celebrated in this way! Or the very clear points made as to why female bodies and female sport is not just a side tack on from the default male sport.

persistentwoman Mon 30-Nov-20 09:33:08

What a good article - and the odds she has overcome. Awesome woman.

ErrolTheDragon Mon 30-Nov-20 10:38:57

This chimes with a section I'm listening to now on woman's hour re women footballers and the greater damage of headers - insufficiency of data mentioned, possibility of variation of damage dependent on menstrual cycle, difference in physiology.

PopperUppleton Mon 30-Nov-20 11:46:01

Good god some of the comments are hideous!

scrappydappydoooooo Mon 30-Nov-20 12:14:37

I really like this article on how women should train to take advantage of their physiology rather than just train like small men. It really made sense to me as I had fallen into a way of weight training that suited me, and I was seeing really great results despite every thing I'd read telling me I was doing it wrong.

FusionChefGeoff Mon 30-Nov-20 13:58:24


Good god some of the comments are hideous!

Oh no sad. I was so pleased with the content I didn't check the comments. Will have a look now

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334bu Mon 30-Nov-20 14:11:43

Comments show just how little respect there is for female athletes.

ODFOx Mon 30-Nov-20 15:19:51

Is there a sharetoken equivalent for The Telegraph? It's asking for my bank details and I don't want to give them!

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