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A bit of good news - LGBT training at work

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JanewaysBun Thu 19-Nov-20 17:32:56

A bit of good news, I went Into My work training last week all ready to challenge misogyny surrounding "inclusivity training" and was pleasantly surprised!

The training was mostly about making homosexual people feel comfortable to be out in the workplace. There was a little "gender" usage but not much. It was insightful and interesting for homosexual people to share insights into how they've felt welcomed in a male dominated industry.

Hoping my company will hold its position on this.

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persistentwoman Thu 19-Nov-20 17:54:39

That's positive that it wasn't misogynistic. Hopefully the training around inclusivity included disability awareness, sexism, racism and the rest?

JanewaysBun Thu 19-Nov-20 18:04:00

It was specifically LGBTQ+
I'm not actually sure if there are race/disability/sex ones, certainly not at the moment although I have seen PowerPoint articles on race circulated before and perhaps one on sex.

It's a very very tiny win but at least they haven't gone all in!

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persistentwoman Thu 19-Nov-20 18:09:35

I understand Janeways Bun. It's such a relief not to be put through any gaslighting but to find a genuinely engaging session that informs everyone. It just saddens me that companies go all out for LGBT sessions while ignoring the plight of many other workers from ther 'vulnerable' groups.

ThatIsNotMyUsername Thu 19-Nov-20 18:25:21

Do we still need to be told to be cool with gay people? Really in 2020? Where was this training on the 80s,90s...?

CaraDuneRedux Thu 19-Nov-20 18:43:36


Do we still need to be told to be cool with gay people? Really in 2020? Where was this training on the 80s,90s...?

Sadly from what gay and lesbian friends tell me about being harrassed in public spaces if they're out with their partners, yes we do. Maybe not in some workplaces, but there will be many where it definitely is needed.

After all, the men's football Premiership still has no out gay players, such is their fear of a backlash from the fans.

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