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Interesting event run by Leeds libraries

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Angryresister Mon 16-Nov-20 09:54:51

Presumably online, which sounds worth doing ,about editing Wikipedia but the line about fewer contributors identifying as women stands out. Implies they are wanting women identifier to attend to redress the balance... anyone up for it?

Wikithon - Women in Leeds
Saturday 22 November 1pm: Wikithon - Women in Leeds
Celebrate some of the amazing women of Leeds past and present, by learning how to edit pages on Wikipedia and address its gender imbalance in this informal online workshop.

With over 53 million articles, Wikipedia is hugely influential and gives the public more access to knowledge than ever before. However, it is heavily weighted towards men, with just 18.44% of biographies on the UK site dedicated to women, and only 9% of contributors identifying as female. This is a friendly and practical

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