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Interview with Kate Coleman on Keep Prisons Single Sex

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Stumphead Wed 17-Feb-21 09:51:28

This issue really cuts to the bone of the whole gender versus sex issue and how it is being weaponised by men to harm women.
It's so refreshing to hear the truth, unfiltered by the 'woke' community.

Socrates11 Fri 30-Oct-20 15:42:36

Just brilliant. Will watch again before making my Select Committee submission. The issue of prisons really grinds my gears, Heather Mason has done an excellent interview with Meghan Murphy on the state of Canadian prisons.

Did think I should just do the SC a colour filled mind map as there are so many strands to the GRA, where denying reality has terrible consequences for women & Equality Act rights.

MichelleofzeResistance Thu 29-Oct-20 18:52:23

Kate is an excellent speaker, straight to the point.

As a side note, isn't it refreshing to hear a woman interviewed when she isn't constantly being talked over and interrupted? I'm so unused to it that listening, it's quite jarring to hear a woman talk this freely and get to finish sentences with the interviewer listening thoughtfully and letting her finish.

wellbehavedwomen Thu 29-Oct-20 17:34:33

She was great. So lucid and calm and precise. Anyone listening to her who still fails to comprehend the issues is beyond help.

EmpressJKRowlingSpartacus Thu 29-Oct-20 17:21:34

Kate was excellent. I was especially impressed by the way she had all the data at her fingertips.

PaleBlueMoonlight Thu 29-Oct-20 17:14:02

This really is worth listening to and deeply shocking to hear it laid out. She ranks with Helen Joyce and Lucy Masoud as one of the clearest speakers I have heard on these issues of women's rights.

Datun Thu 29-Oct-20 12:34:55

Very clear and concise. Made all the more shocking by the calm way in which it's delivered.

Clymene Wed 28-Oct-20 21:35:48

Wow. It's really jaw dropping to see it all so clearly laid out like that. The statistics are horrifying.

Really compelling viewing

Melroses Wed 28-Oct-20 21:00:08

I listened to that earlier this afternoon.

She is very clear and there were some very interesting statistics.

Definitely worth finding the 40 minutes to listen.

pombear Wed 28-Oct-20 20:35:11

Just plonking this here separate to any other threads, in case it's missed amongst other threads, as personally I found it a really clear explanation of the issues around prisons,

As Nic has with FPFW, Kate's done some work, she knows what she's talking about, and she sets it out here with clarity and simplicity. Thank you Kate!

Worth a watch, if you have 40 minutes spare

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