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Just one in seven rape survivors expect justice???

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WagnersFourthSymphony Tue 20-Oct-20 02:56:33

I am v suspicious of these figures, can't credit that so many expect justice, or that only 'a third do not report rapes to police'
If so many expect justice then it's the proverbial triumph of hope over experience, because other research shows a one seventy chance of your complaint ending in a charge.

In fact, the Guardian story itself contradicts the headline, reporting that in total 12% of the respondents saw their case go to trial despite the fact that in England and Wales overall only about 1.5% of rape reports proceed to trial.

I would like to know how the victims' commissioner carried out this survey. Oh, it was a self-selecting survey of 491 rape survivors.
Why didn't The Guardian say so?
This sort of sloppy reporting is all we need.

It's a vanishingly small percentage of people who are raped who will report it, and a vanishingly small percentage of those whose case will go to trial.

Someone will be along soon to provide the woefully low percentage of convictions. Meanwhile, In 2019-20, 1,439 suspects in cases where a rape had been alleged were convicted of rape or another crime - half the number three years ago.

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WagnersFourthSymphony Tue 20-Oct-20 03:03:20

Sorry, this is the final stat I meant to post:
Overall prosecutions - which include those that end in an acquittal - also peaked in 2016-17, with 5,190 completed cases - but dropped to 2,102 last year.

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