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Malcolm Clark thread on puberty blockers

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OhHolyJesus Mon 19-Oct-20 09:49:25

Brilliant thread from Malcolm Clark with everything from "born in the wrong body" to the hypothalamus.

I find his explanations thorough and concise.

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persistentwoman Mon 19-Oct-20 14:11:11

That's a really thorough overview. And good to hear him call out all those gaslighting children with 'wrong body' explanations disguised as something else.

NewlyGranny Mon 19-Oct-20 14:59:05

So sad to watch little children uncomfortably cosied up to teachers, asking scripted questions someone gave them. I wonder what they really want to know? Nobody asked them. 😢

ahagwearsapointybonnet Mon 19-Oct-20 15:29:40

It's an excellent thread. Make sure you get the whole thing as it's in two parts (but the end of the first thread links to the second).

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