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The Last Archive - Jill Lapore

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BraveBananaBadge Thu 15-Oct-20 09:39:24

Just wondering if anyone else is listening to this excellent podcast series from Jill Lapore? She’s exploring the idea of ‘who killed truth’ and in this episode discusses it through the history of liberal feminism and abortion rights in the US.

This episode goes up to Bret Kavanagh and the Supreme Court and argues ‘absolutism’ has had a hugely negative affect on truth in public discourse. All without mentioning the words ‘gender‘ or ‘cancel culture‘ once, which is so refreshing!

It also introduced me to Florynce Kennedy, who sounds fascinating.

TW: It features audio from a very dramatic anti-abortion film from the 80s which is a bit of a tough listen.

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AchieveBelieve Thu 15-Oct-20 11:36:45

That sounds really interesting. I started listening but it kept getting interrupted by an Ad and then going back to the beginning - most frustrating. Might try again later.

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